Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment - Giromax

Giromax are the UK and European supplier of Delcote® and Seamsil® silicone systems, the most effective UV and corrosion resistant coatings available for the refurbishment of commercial roofing and cladding.

Whether you need repair to the cut edge corrosion of a metal sheet, full protective coating replacement, asbestos sheet encapsulation, asbestos roof repair, gutter repair, we are here to ensure that the product range featured on this site may be confidently specified, and installed by fully trained applicators with our full technical support and assistance.

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Experts in the Industry

We are the industry leaders in the refurbishment and protection of commercial roofing and cladding. Click on the pictures above or on the product name from the toolbar to view the proven long term solutions for problems commonly associated with an aged building envelope, such as:

  • Cut Edge Corrosion

  • Profiled Metal coating failure

  • Asbestos and non-asbestos cement roofing and cladding

  • Gutter substrate protection and leaking joints

  • GRP Rooflight degradation

Featured Case Studies

To find out more about our specified products, take a look at a selection of designated 'Job of the Month' projects, celebrating outstanding workmanship and project management by Giromax qualified applicators.

We work with a large list of industry leading specifiers and clients, on a wide range of different project types from light business units to retail parks, HMP to MOD, and local fitness clubs to sports stadia.

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