Delcote Connects with Maplins Roof

Profiled Metal roof sheeting has a long serviceable life if maintained. But neglected repaint guidelines can mean the owner faces early replacement. Over-sheeting is not the simple answer, with problems of weight, condensation, leaks whilst complete roof replacement is costly, disruptive and runs the risk of not meeting current building regulations. This was the scenario encountered during planned refurbishment to the unit housing electronics experts Maplins in Swansea. The existing PVC coated steel roof sheets had clearly past beyond their “re-paint decision time” and were exhibiting classic age related delamination of the factory applied coating with associated substrate corrosion.

Unwilling to close the busy store, Maplins therefore took the decision to recoat the roof with DELCOTE®, a solution which offered negligible site disruption whilst providing complete weather and corrosion resistance for decades to come. Unlike conventional solvent or water-based coatings that require multiple anticorrosion primer coats, DELCOTE® is an inorganic mineral-based silicone with outstanding natural resistance to corrosion and UV. It forms a tenacious, oxygen-free bond with steel. No Primers are required. Local qualified applicator Coatings and Blastings Ltd first treated the roof to SEAMSIL® to seal the critical lap joints and fixings followed by two coats of DELCOTE® silicone coating, applied to a finish colour of Slate Grey.


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