Delcote Prescribed for NHS


NHS Work in progressAn old leaking asbestos roof looks a mess, causes internal operating problems and gives sleepless nights worrying about potentially dangerous asbestos fibre sheets. Corrosion of the fixing bolts leads to further movement and leakage. This was the scenario facing the NHS record keeping facility situated in Norwich.

The answer was found by turning to the Delcote silicone roof coating system. Surveyors Edgeworth Street of Solihull provided a detailed specification that included a thorough, safe clean down followed by treatment of all corroded fixing bolts with Seamsil 400. Next all

horizontal lap joints were sealed with Seamsil sealant and Basecoat. To finish the operation two coats of Delcote were applied to completely encapsulate all external asbestos roof sheets to a provide a sealed and watertight roof skin.

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