Chorus of Approval for Giromax

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House - beforeConfronted with corrosion problems on the profiled metal roofing at their Wales storage depot, World famous production company Royal Opera House were faced with the dilemma of renewing the roof or finding an economic and reliable repair system. Whilst the roof sheets themselves were in good condition, the cut edges had been affected by peel back and lap joint corrosion. The answer to the problem appeared through the choice of Giromax edge repair system.

Cut edge corrosion is an on-going serious and potentially damaging problem that must be repaired as soon as it becomes evident on the vulnerable lap joints, flashings and gutter overhang edges.

Royal Opera House - after

The Giromax method was developed specifically to address this problem, has proved highly successful and is now specified by all major suppliers for its unique properties of flexibility, strength and corrosion resistance.

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