20 Year Profile of Success

Posted on Thursday, February 5th

SEAMSIL® recently celebrated 20 years on top as the only proven long term treatment for cut edge corrosion on profiled steel roofing and cladding. It was invented in 1993 and developed with the full co-operation of BSC (now Tata Steel) to provide an effective long term solution to edge corrosion. Caused by a combination of on-site cutting, poor installation techniques, acid rain and pollution retention in critical roof overlaps and gutter overhangs, the resultant corrosion can play havoc with profiled steel roof sheets and if not treated quickly and effectively can lead eventually to partial or complete roof replacement.

Over the last twenty years over 3.2 thousand kilometres (or in other words, the total mileage of all UK Motorways) of profiled sheet edges have been successfully treated, helping to preserve integrity and value to commercial buildings owned and run by some of the biggest well known industry names in the UK from small business units to retail parks, HMP to MOD, and fitness clubs to sports stadia.

Tata Steel have kindly commented as follows on their continued association with SEAMSIL®

“Cut edge corrosion was occasionally an issue suffered by older formulation coatings and indeed the cheaper leathergrain plastisols available today, especially where sheet overlaps were ineffectively sealed. After many years excellent service and performance, Seamsil is the only product, which we would use for cut edge treatment and re-sealing overlaps in cladding refurbishment schemes.”

Brian Cunnah

Contracts Manager, Buildings
CTS Colors Operations, Technical

Tata Steel