Too Cold For Roof Painting?

Posted on Thursday, January 15th

After a mild October & November, the lead up to Christmas has finally brought a cold snap and with it, testing times for Seamsil & Delcote applicators around the country.

Unlike most other things that don’t work too well in the cold!, Seamsil & Delcote are robust materials when it comes to dealing with extremes of temperature but a quick reminder of the important parameters that surround their application this time of year is well worth a mention and these can be found on the specification data sheets (see Spec Downloads) as follows….. 

Environmental Conditions 

No application may proceed during inclement weather.
The substrate must be free from ice, frost, surface moisture, visible dampness and any contamination.
The air temperature must be above 3 degrees C.
Surface to be 2 degrees C above Dew Point.
Ensure the products are stored in ambient temperatures prior to use.

Following these simple guidelines should ensure trouble free installations.