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Choosing A Career In Commercial Surveying In 2023

Choosing a career in commercial surveying in 2023

What is commercial surveying?

There are many different types of surveyor. Commercial surveying involves the assessment and management of properties used for commercial purposes. These include owned or leased office buildings, industrial units, retail spaces, hotels, and public buildings such as schools and libraries. A commercial surveyor plays a vital role in providing their clients with detailed information about the condition, value, and potential of a property.

Commercial surveying involves a wide range of responsibilities, from property valuations to feasibility studies, project management to asset management. Commercial surveyors are often involved in lease negotiations and between landlords and tenants, enabling people to make informed decisions about dilapidations. They usually work for property agencies or consultancies. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provides qualifications and accreditations for commercial surveyors.

“Surveyors play a key role in developing new high-tech, sustainable cities, tackling climate change and solving global issues like urbanisation, migration and resource scarcity.”
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)


What skills are required for commercial surveying?

For a successful career in commercial surveying, you will need specific skills and qualifications. The pathway to become a chartered surveyor involves completing a relevant RICS accredited degree.

You would need to gain practical experience through a structured training programme, passing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) exam. This rigorous process ensures candidates meet the required level of competency and high standards, so they have the necessary expertise to operate in the field.

As well as formal qualifications, certain skills are highly valued in commercial surveying. Excellent analytical abilities, attention to detail, and strong problem-solving skills are essential when assessing the condition and value of properties. Effective communication and negotiation skills are crucial for dealing with clients, tenants, and stakeholders.

The skills required for surveying are ever-growing. As the industry embraces technology, proficiency in data analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and building information modelling (BIM) can help to provide a competitive edge.

“The average UK salary for a chartered surveyor is £60,000.”
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)


Is commercial surveying a viable career path

For qualified commercial surveyors, the current economic landscape is positive. RICS reports that the demand for commercial surveyors has been steadily growing due to various factors. Despite rising inflation and market fluctuations, there are a number of high-profile commercial construction projects underway. With the UK government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure, commercial surveying opportunities could be set to increase.

The continuous development of infrastructure projects, such as transport hubs, housing developments, and urban regeneration schemes are creating viable revenue streams.

Surveyors are essential in evaluating the feasibility and viability of such projects, as well as overseeing their construction and management.

Business expansion in certain industries has led to increased demand for commercial spaces. Large-scale industrial and retail parks are being built, particularly in the Midlands which is seen as a central transport hub for commerce. Units require commercial surveys for maintenance, repairs and dilapidations. So, there are a multitude of possibilities for those looking to make their mark in this industry.


The future of commercial surveying

As well as the ongoing need for professionals who can assess and manage the condition of properties, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiencies. This has given rise to new roles in green surveying, where professionals are advising clients on environmentally friendly practices and regulations. Commercial surveyors play a key role in shaping the design and development of construction products, including roof coatings.

Commercial surveying presents a diverse and dynamic work environment. Each project brings unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring that no two days are the same. Whether you are involved in assessing the condition of an industrial roof or providing dilapidations advice, the modern surveyor is continuously learning.

With the demand for commercial spaces, infrastructure projects, and sustainable practices on the rise, the need for skilled surveying professionals has never been greater. By pursuing a career in commercial surveying, you can enjoy rewarding financial prospects and both professional and personal growth.

Giromax regularly works with commercial surveyors on a wide range of developments, especially large-scale roofing projects. The development of our products has been influenced by the insights received by surveyors and contractors.

If you have a project or need technical guidance, please speak to our Technical Services Managers ­­­or call 01455 558969.

Sustainable roof coatings for a low carbon strategy

Green agendas attract funding

Climate change is a hot topic, and companies worldwide are seeking to improve their green agenda. Achieving a low-carbon status can be very challenging for certain industry sectors, but small measures can go a long way. Using more environmentally friendly products for maintaining business premises, such as roof coatings, is a viable and positive contribution.

As well as helping the planet, going green can have some financial benefits too. Businesses can tap into a wide range of sustainability and green grants to fund low-carbon innovation projects or to increase green spaces. Not only does this help to improve the environment, but it also improves the reputation of the business. Customers, suppliers and investors are increasingly seeking green credentials for companies.

It’s not just about production, it’s about protection

With any type of roof coating, there is a manufacturing process. We use less solvents, low isocyanates and low heavy metal content (often found in 2-pack PU coatings) in our products. Our solvent-less roof coatings have low VOCs, which makes them safer for the planet and the contractors who apply our products. This results in our manufacturing processes also being less harmful to people and the environment.

But it’s not just about production methods and chemical components, it’s also about the long-term protection provided by our roof coatings. This means you won’t have to use extra products to recoat the roof, saving on costs and any associated fuel used by contractors.

Our Giromax Roofcoat, for example, is a protective, industrial roof coating that can be applied using a single coat. It’s been designed to withstand significant UV exposure, snow, ice and wet weather conditions for up to 25 years. It’s also moisture tolerant, so it can be applied during damp conditions, maximising the time your contractors need to be onsite.

If you would like to know more about the environmental benefits of using Giromax products, speak to our Technical Services Managers. If you need technical guidance, please call 01455 558969.

Simply the best! How we built our great reputation

The facts speak for themselves…

It’s already common knowledge, is it? Or is it a closely guarded secret that our competitors don’t want you to know? that our coatings are of a higher quality with better user application than other roof coatings on the market. They’re also more eco-friendly, as they contain 30% less solvents on average, which mean they contribute to reducing scope 3 carbon emissions. A tiny percentage of jobs we supply are subject to remedial action, and these are down to poor application of the coating. That’s why we are undertaking a comprehensive review with our contractors and providing free training and education to ensure right first time application.

Getting the job right first-time round is important to us,  below are some stats which show how much coating we have actually provided (free of charge) to correct jobs that required remedial work:


  • 2,415 litres of the Giromax Guttercoat system were provided free of charge, out of 84,413 litres = That’s just 2.86% of total product sold that have been used on remedials.
  • 2,355 litres of Giromax Roofcoat system were provided free of charge, out of 240,016 litres = That’s even less at just 0.98% of total product sold that have been used on remedials.
  • 678 litres of Giromax Edgecoat system were provided free of charge, out of 28,437 litres = again just  2.38% of total product sold have been used on remedials.


High standards

We’re not your average roof coating company. Our current team are highly trained and do not give out guarantees unless the job has been completed to the required standard. One of the benefits of our products is the fact you only need to apply a single coat. To meet our high standards, and receive our guarantee your contractors must achieve the following:

  • Correct preparation of the substrate.
  • Skilled application of the coating.
  • Applied within the correct climate range.

Our list of trusted contractors means we can offer the reassurance needed when it comes to a project being completed on time and on budget. Our Technical Services Managers will regularly complete onsite visits to ensure every stage of the project has been carried out correctly, offering advice and guidance along the way if needed. If the climate isn’t right or the substrate hasn’t been prepared correctly, they will highlight this and let the contractor know that the coating cannot be applied, so as to avoid any risk of remedial action being needed.


Superior products

Many of our products have been developed with cutting-edge technology and as a result of our extensive R&D over the years, are more eco-friendly than any competing product.

  • Our products use Laminar flake technology – creating extra hardness and strength where it’s needed, including long-term chemical resistance. Due to their neutral mass, laminar flake coatings are ideal for large areas, and they won’t cause structural issues.
  • They are Moisture tolerant – most of our products can be applied in damp conditions, increasing the number of days contractors can work on
  • More eco-friendly than any other product on the market – on average, our coatings contain 30% less solvent than competitor brands. Our coatings also have low isocyanates and low heavy metal content, these are often found in 2-pack PU coating products, and can be detrimental to workers’ health.
  • They are Silicone free – unlike competitors, we don’t use silicone in our products, which – when applied, means that the coating is prone to dust, dirt, mould and bird attack. Our coatings contain 87% paint compared to the solid content of a silicone-based paint which averages 60%.


In-house technical team

Giromax has a dedicated team of technical experts working continuously on testing and developing our product range. Our aim is to improve user application, adhesion, durability, surface abrasion, weather resistance and flexibility.

Our technical team use a QUV accelerated weather testing cabinet, and they also physically test coated panels outdoors in a real-world environments. A QUV machine is an approved testing facility compliant to ISO, ASTM, BSI and numerous other governing standards.

Giromax coatings are tested for a minimum of 3,000 hours (2 years) when compared to the standard 1,000 hours of BBA (British Board of Agreement) testing. We also use ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant testing procedures to check for a number of qualities in our coatings. This includes user application, adhesion, durability, surface abrasion, weather resistance and flexibility.


Onsite Technical Services Managers

Our Technical Services Managers carry out regular site visits to check on the preparation and application of our coatings. Having worked on large-scale projects across the UK, their roof coating expertise is second to none.

We also offer onsite spray training for our customers, carried out by a fully qualified sprayer. Highly experienced in the application of our products, our Application Consultant has 40 years of expertise and decades of knowledge using our Giromax® coatings. They are available to provide training on the correct way of applying the Giromax® product range.

Giromax is the original coatings provider and still leads the market when it comes to roof coatings. If you would like to know more about our methodology, testing and development of our products, speak to our Technical Services Managers. If you need technical guidance, please call 01455 558969.

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