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As part of an ongoing long term maintenance commitment, GIROSIL® has once again been specified and used to secure the long term performance of the roof sheet end laps. Tasked to deliver a long term treatment to sheet end cut edge corrosion at the large Amazon Distribution facility at Doncaster, fully moisture tolerant, GIROSIL® EDGE RC-E was easily able to meet the challenges presented by this difficult to treat metal roof detail.

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Cut Edge Corrosion


Peel Back & Lap Joint Corrosion

Tasked to deliver long-term treatment to sheet end cut edge corrosion

Profiled Metal Roof Refurbishment


GIROSIL® Edge RC-E has been specifically developed to supersede the design limitations of older silicone treatments by overcoming both dependence on moisture free corrosion control and a vulnerability to impact and abrasion damage, especially from bird attack.

Fully moisture tolerant, GIROSIL® can be applied to wet surfaces, removing application restrictions and performance limitations. GIROSIL® can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature, achieving robust lap edge encapsulation by hardening to a tough elastic coat with high impact absorption and damage resistance.

PROJECT: Profiled Sheet Cut Edge Corrosion

SPECIFIER: Watts Group PLC (Leeds)

CONTRACTOR: Doncaster Maintenance Ltd Tel: 0845 257 8101

SPECIFICATION: GIROSIL® EDGE RC-E (Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment)

SIZE: 4500 Linear Meters

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