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As part of their ongoing long term maintenance committment, GIROSIL® has once again been specified and used to secure the long term performance of the roof sheets on a number of vital community fire and Rescue stations across the north of Scotland. Being a single application, fully moisture tolerant coating sysyem, GIROSIL® RC was easily able to accomodate the application challenges faced by the contractor team, proving once again to be the right choice to deliver protection safely and on time.

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Metal Roof Protection


PROJECT: Profiled Roof Refurbishment & Protection

SPECIFIER: Scotland Fire & Rescue Services

CONTRACTOR: IDCS Tel: 01236 727489

SPECIFICATION: GIROSIL® RC (Metal Roof Protection)

COMBINED SIZE: Over 1,000 Square Meters

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Coating Delamination

PVC coated roof sheets, were exhibiting age related deterioration of the factory coating.

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Profiled Roof Refurbishment

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Profiled metal roof sheets have a long service life, but neglecting maintenance guidelines will lead to costly, premature sheet failure. Over-sheeting can mean extra weight, condensation, building regulations and poor quality materials. Choosing the wrong re-coat product means regular, and expensive, re-paint and repair.

GIROSIL® RC is a one coat hybrid coating that encapsulates the substrate to restore long - term protection to profiled metal roof sheets.


GIROSIL® RC retains lasting flexibility and adhesion without cracking or peel. It can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains UV and temperature stable. Fully moisture tolerant, it can be applied to wet surfaces and hardens to a tough elastic coating with high impact absorption and damage resistance. Being a one coat application, installation costs, site disruption and risks associated with working at height are all significantly reduced.

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