9 Reasons Why Recoating your Commercial Roof Will Save You Money

1- Your roof may fail under the added weight…

The first consideration must be whether or not the building structure will bear the weight of another layer of recommended gauge steel sheets and supporting framework. Calculations must factor in snow loading.

2- More holes = more problems down the line

‘Through fix’ installations that utilise the existing purlins must necessarily involve drilling further holes in the existing sheet, risking moisture penetration and air leakage leading to condensation.

3- You will create the issue of CONDENSATION…

Where the old roof is retained as a liner, a new vapour protection layer must be added if it cannot be sealed. The VCL should be located above what will become the internal sheet but is difficult to seal when punctured with fixings for the support brackets for the new skin, risking ‘cold bridging’.

4- Matching performance properties for all other materials

A vast array of support and ancillary fixings, sealants and thermal performance materials must match the design life guarantee of the chosen over-sheet system.

5- Over-sheeting causes heavy disruption to your site

A strictly controlled programme involving large and heavy deliveries, storage, movement of men and materials and handling must be carefully planned and safely managed.

6- Recoating is inevitable!

Like the original sheet, the over-sheet will itself need recoating as it reaches its normal expected repaint schedule. The same factors affecting performance will prevail on the factory coating of an over-sheet option. Cut edge corrosion will almost inevitably occur during its lifetime.

7- Recoating is the sustainable choice…

Steel sheet production requires large resources of finite raw materials and energy. Having a steel roof already in place requires only recoating to protect it indefinitely.

8- Life-cycle costs far greater with over-sheeting

Over-sheeting means double roof sheet disposal at building end of life.

9 – Giromax® Roofcoat is revolutionising the coating industry…

Giromax® Roofcoat is the NEW cut edge corrosion treatment from Giromax Technology, achieving better results for longer. It can be sprayed directly from the tin. No mixing required. And like previous versions is fully moisture tolerant which means it can be applied to wet surfaces, hardening to a tough elastic coating with high impact and dirt resistance. This single coat system also comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Planned repainting will extend profiled metal sheet life indefinitely, maintaining the strength and value of the building without disturbance. Over-sheeting by comparison is heavy, increases the risk of leaks & condensation and leaves the same coating failure dilemma further down the line. In essence, the roof protection is now provided by a sheet with characteristics and weaknesses possibly worse than that being over clad, with an unnecessary layer of steel effectively doubling sustainable planned maintenance and life cycle costs.

How to protect your roof from Bird attack?

Bird Attack – Repeated Damage

One of the main issues Giromax faced in the treatment of cut edge corrosion and one which sought to overcome was the repeated damage to the silicone installation from birds, especially gulls and crows. Many of the projects undertaken were located near to ready sources of food, whether fast food outlets or recycling centres, which often attract nesting colonies to the surrounding roofs.

Once established, bird damage arises out of their natural curiosity towards their surroundings, constantly testing the roof structure by disturbing roofing materials as they search for food and burrowing insects.

The following reasons explain why the continual presence of roosting birds are on a roof can be an unwelcome and costly nuisance.

Giromax® Edgecoat has been specifically developed to supersede the design limitations of older silicone treatments by overcoming both dependence on moisture free corrosion control and a vulnerability to impact and abrasion damage, especially from Bird Attack.

Drains and Gutters

Bird detritus clogs gutters and outlets. When drainage is obstructed, excessive standing water accelerates gutter degradation, reducing service life. If a high enough volume of water collects, water ingress to the building is possible.

Bird Damage



Birds pose a risk to health from parasites and transmittable bird-borne diseases. Inhaling and ingesting micro-organisms from bird droppings can result in serious health problems. Diseases can be transmitted into the building through roof leaks or maintenance personnel where food contamination could be a problem.

Bird Damage


Rooftop Work

Birds can create a safety hazard for rooftop workers. Bird droppings can be very slippery. The risk of slipping and falling is increased when birds have been on the roof. Nesting birds may swoop and dive at maintenance personnel, creating dangerous working conditions.

Rooftop Work Damage


Coating Damage

Bird pecks can result in serious damage to the roof systems. Pecking birds can cause punctures to coatings and membranes, increasing the likelihood of leaks. In the case of silicone based cut edge treatment, their curiosity towards any work activity means they naturally investigate, testing often to destruction any newly applied material.

Coating Damage


Repeated Attacks – Old & New

It wasn’t just fresh material that suffered.

Revisiting older installations often revealed recent and repeated attacks through to the prepared substrate which had then re-corroded affecting the edge either side of the damage, even creeping onto the lower sheet.

This is particularly frustrating for both the client who has paid for what they believed would be long term protection and the contractor who has to return to a completed project, often within weeks, to reinstate the system they’d worked hard to install.

Although the ‘standard’ response to bird damage is that it is easily repaired with further material, in reality such repair involves protracted negotiation with occupiers

HSE provision requires additional access costs, insurance, contractor admin and, equally difficult to plan for – dry weather conditions governing at least two visits. And although Giromax always offered assistance with free issue materials, this in itself was never a long term or satisfactory solution.


Giromax® Edgecoat

Giromax Edgecoat

Giromax® Edgecoat has been specifically developed to supersede the design limitations of older silicone treatments by overcoming both dependence on moisture free corrosion control and a vulnerability to impact and abrasion damage, especially from bird attack.

Giromax® Edgecoat uses the latest hybrid technology utilising a silane terminated polymer backbone that takes full advantage of the properties of both silicone and urethane and has been developed to overcome the application and wear limitations of silicone alone.

Fully moisture tolerant, the system can accommodate damp surfaces, removing application restrictions and performance limitations. The Giromax® sealant also incorporates glass laminar flake technology to stabilise lap corrosion, achieving edge encapsulation by hardening to a tough elastic coat with high impact absorption and damage resistance.

Giromax Edgecoat


Giromax® Edgecoat

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