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Festive Reflection What We've Been Doing This Year

Festive Reflection: What We’ve Been Doing This Year

Our tribute to Roy

Earlier this year we lost our founder and Managing Director, Roy Emmett, who is greatly missed by the whole team and everyone who knew him. As our way of paying tribute to Roy’s innovative leadership, which paved the way for Giromax’s success as a future market leader. We have shared Roy’s journey in a series of blogs called The Giromax Story – see our blog page. Roy’s son, Myles, succeeds him as Managing Director of the business.

Growth and innovation

Despite a 20% price decrease to our product ranges and increased market competition, we’re still leading the way when it comes to continued growth. Our focus on producing innovative solutions for surveyors and contractors includes continued product development. We are currently working on improvements to our Giromax® Guttercoat. For more details, get in touch in the new year and speak to our Technical Services Managers.

Team changes and training

As well as Myles becoming our new Managing Director, Richard Sclater is our new Head of Technical Management. We also welcomed Tom Kelly as our new national Technical Services Manager, who will be closely supporting Richard and the whole Giromax team.

We are committed to training and development. Our team had spray training this year to ensure we can provide better application advice to our customers. Richard is working towards his ICORR qualification.

Caroline Evans, Office Manager & Technical Services, is broadening her technical knowledge by spending time with our Technical Services Managers. Caroline is also working with our manufacturer, so she can troubleshoot when helping our customers.

Charity and giving back

Giromax believes strongly in supporting local charities and communities in need. In May, Technical Services Manager, Matt Ward, did his second tandem parachute jump to raise funds for a friend’s daughter’s life-saving cancer treatment in the USA.

Our team also donated branded socks and hats to help the people in Ukraine. Lastly, we attended the Rainbows Charity Ball, which raises money for children and young people with serious or terminal illnesses, providing much-needed support for families.

Corporate hospitality

The team have been out and about this year, enjoying various corporate events, including the above charity ball and we watched rugby at the Leicester Tigers ground. Back in the balmy month of June, we had a great time at the greyhound racing event, held at Towcester Racecourse. Thanks to Tritec Building Contractors, Vertec and Toad Industrial Roofing.

The Giromax World Tour

If you have been following our LinkedIn page, then you will have seen the global Giromax® tour. These are the places the Giromax cap (and our team!) visited in 2022:

  • Wimbledon Tennis tournament
  • Devon
  • Alaska
  • Barcelona
  • Budapest
  • Iceland
  • Tunisia
  • Minnesota

Would you like to take a Giromax cap on tour with you next year and feature in one of our posts? Contact our head office or speak to one of our Technical Services Managers. We have also recently launched a new winter range of beanie hats.

What’s happening next year?

Our team will still be offering continued support to all our customers. We ensure our protective coatings are used to the required standard, so that guarantees can be issued with confidence.

Giromax will continue to hold CPD webinars on cut edge corrosion and other topics, and you can meet some of our latest team members, who will be presenting. Our seminars for surveyors are also coming back and we’re speaking at a big industry event in May (watch this space!). For up-to-date news and technical information, please see our blog page or sign up to our newsletter.

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

Giromax is the original leader in the roof coating market. Our team are always on-hand to provide technical advice on preparation or application. See our product range, speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

The Giromax Story: Part 3

Giromax products became the desired coating and corrosion solution that our competitors wanted to replicate. Over the years, different coating solutions have entered the market, providing specifiers and contractors with a choice. We believe choices are good for the market, and while choice is a positive thing, Giromax products continue to lead the market.

Technologically advanced coatings

Our products are the most technologically capable solutions for treating cut edge corrosion on profiled metal roofs, gutters and cladding. Giromax Edgecoat treats both the top and reverse sides of the cut edge. Edgecoat is complimented by our Roofcoat product. This is a one coat system that reinstates the roof coating. It treats cut edge corrosion caused by UV exposure and weather conditions, providing total protection unmatched by anything else on the market.

Our Giromax® Roofcoat solution is BBA certified and comes with a 25-year guarantee. The product is fully moisture tolerant, which means it can be applied in wet conditions. It’s highly resistant to UV and temperature changes, and both impact and dirt resistant. And as you only need a single coat, which can be sprayed directly from the tin, businesses can swap costly replacements with cost-effective repairs.


Investing in people and innovation

Giromax’s product development journey demonstrates a history of innovation, which the business continues to foster today. We are proud to invest in our people, from our back- office support team to our Technical Services Managers, developing our team for future success.

Looking to the future, Giromax continues to innovate. We are investing in product R&D, which includes scanning the horizon for new and emerging issues that will impact our customers. As businesses become increasingly judged on their sustainability credentials, we are conscious of the need to consider environmental impacts. We want to contribute to a zero-carbon economy.

Construction and climate change

In general, the construction industry generates 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and utilises up to 50% of the world’s natural resources. In the UK alone, construction contributes to 45% of greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for an astonishing 62% of all waste.

In order to reach net-zero, the International Energy Agency estimates that direct building CO2 emissions need to fall by 50% by 2030. As the planet’s climate crisis worsens, governments and consumers are responding accordingly. Construction businesses are under increasing pressure to volunteer more detailed ESG reporting, and outline plans to address their carbon impact.

At Giromax we are aware of these issues, and the growing pressure to address the contributions to greenhouse emissions caused by manufacturing and the use of steel. The choices that surveyors make today in how they address the refurbishment of industrial buildings will be judged on the balance sheets of some of the biggest industrial property owners and occupiers in the UK and beyond.

Replace or recoat – the debate

The replace versus recoat debate will continue. Refurbishment is the preferred option for conscious building owners, wanting to extend the life of their industrial roofs while addressing their scope three carbon emissions.

Enabling our customers and contractors to operate in an ethical, sustainable and compliant manner not only benefits the planet, but will engage increasingly conscious stakeholders. And this in turn increases a business’s profitability and brand reputation.

One thing is certain: the refurbishment of industrial roofs is here to stay. How we do this, while addressing environmental concerns, protecting property assets and delivering guaranteed product performance, will no doubt evolve over time.

Giromax is a safe pair of hands. Our business was built from the ground up by Roy Emmett and continues to provide market-leading solutions. We will develop as a business fit for the challenges of a net zero future.

If you need technical advice on our products, preparation or application, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

The Giromax Story – Part 2

Roy’s grit and ingenuity to form multiple successful businesses is something he demonstrated at every turn. Over 25 years, he led the business to become the industry leader in the refurbishment and protection of commercial roofing and cladding. Through Roy’s dedication, he created a company that values the quality of its products, as much as the team-focused performance they provide. Today, Giromax has become synonymous with delivering excellence and reliability.

Developing a team of industry experts

Over the years, Roy developed a core team of experts, including some very well-known faces. Some of these individuals have their own (slightly different) take on the industry and products when it comes to addressing the challenges of cut edge corrosion.

Many of those Roy employed have remained with the business, benefitting from his mentoring and the expert knowledge he invested in developing. Whether as competitors or as loyal staff, there can be no doubt that Giromax has benefitted the entire cut edge corrosion market. What began as a small, family-orientated business has increased awareness of the ability to effectively refurbish aged steel roofing.

Developing innovative formulations

The cut edge corrosion market has also benefitted from Giromax’s investment in the development of innovative new formulations. The application of products has become easier and more cost effective; formulations which others try and yet fail to replicate.

Giromax was the first to develop the new generation of advanced hybrid polymer products, moving away from old silicone-based products. We are the brand trusted by both the specifiers of dilapidation and refurbishment projects, as well as contractors on the job.


Giromax has created and delivered pioneering products, which are unrivalled in the industry, supported by the development of exceptional back-office support. This ensures projects run smoothly from the initial site survey with our dedicated team of Technical Field Managers, through to specification, manufacture, installation and quality control.

Cut edge corrosion of a metal roof

As markets go, the treatment of pitched metal roofs on industrial buildings is relatively niche. Modern metal roofing has become a familiar sight in this country, thanks to its strength, durability, weather resistance and ability to be easily repaired and refurbished. Roofing made from profiled metal sheets can withstand extreme temperatures and resist all types of weather conditions.

Over time, however, the cut edges are exposed to oxygen, which causes them to deteriorate and corrode. Once rust has set in, the integrity of the cladding is very quickly compromised, so it’s essential to undertake regular checks. Even if the cut edges are protected this can wash away over time, depending on the quality of the coating used. The edge can become exposed and susceptible to capillary action, causing underside corrosion. If left unchecked, this corrosion can lead to a costly roof replacement.

Maintaining a metal roof

Regular assessments are an essential part of an effective metal roofing maintenance programme. When checking a metal roof on an older commercial property, it’s important to use the right type of products to carry out any repairs, especially when it comes to dealing with cut edge corrosion.

The Giromax range of coating products are specifically designed for metal profiled roofs. The products we offer address both the top and reverse side of the cut edge. Easy to apply, laminar flake technology seals and bonds with the corrosion.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Evidence-backed guarantees

Our cut edge corrosion treatment has up to a 25-year guarantee. Only a business with a historical track record like Giromax can guarantee their products with any degree of confidence. This can be evidenced through our contractor relationships, longevity, and continuous testing and certification. What we can guarantee, others are still trying to prove.

Roy left the business in great hands. We have a strong leadership team with complimentary skills and a bias for action. We continue to focus on developing our staff and expertise, as well as our products and processes. Giromax is in a strong position to maintain roofs for another 25 years, guaranteeing our products, while others fall by the wayside.

In the next part of our series, we will consider the market today and where we believe the future lies for Giromax and the cut edge corrosion market.

If you need technical advice on preparation, application or our product range, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

The Giromax Story – Part 1

As the business developed, Giromax launched the careers of leading industry professionals, who make up the majority of our welcomed competition within the market today. This ensures Giromax continues to strive to be the best we can be for our customers. Over the following three months, we will share some exclusive blogs with you, but let’s start right at the beginning…

Roy Emmett – the innovative engineer

Roy was born in pre-war Burnley, Lancashire in a two-up two-down terrace, with a small yard and an outside toilet. After passing his eleven-plus with flying colours, Roy refused point blank to go to grammar school. He objected because he wasn’t keen on attending with “all of them poshos!”, which is how he referred to the more affluent kids in the area. Instead, Roy attended Townly Technical School, where he studied to become an engineer.

Roy’s first job saw him working for Lucas Engineering in the heart of his hometown of Burnley. His consistent drive and need to progress led him to move to Coventry in 1964 in search of new and more challenging opportunities. By this time, Roy had a young family. He packed everyone in the sidecar of his Lambretta and headed off to the Midlands to start a new life.

Roy worked for various engineering firms before joining Chrysler Talbot, which subsequently became the car giant Peugeot. At the start of a seemingly disruptive career, Roy invented an innovative new production conveyor. At the time, this invention enabled production to be far more efficient and resulted in very disgruntled union workers at the plant!

A natural salesman

In the 1970s, Roy changed his focus from hands-on engineering to selling, becoming a ‘salesman’. He grew into the role and found a natural ability to persuade and generate income.

At the time, he felt the role was much maligned and looked down on by people in the UK. However, his view on being a salesman was the fact it was one of the most important roles to help the economy and it supports how the country is run.

Around this time, Roy was admitted to hospital after a road traffic accident. While in pain and lying in his hospital bed, he struck up a friendship with a small energetic nurse called Bubbles.

Bubbles went onto become Roy’s second wife. Their initial meeting in the hospital set the tone for their long and happy partnership. When she found out what Roy did for a living, she replied “you’re one of them!” in reference to him being a salesman. Throughout their life together, Bubbles would challenge and support Roy in equal measure.

In his new role selling air compressors, Roy became very successful, and went on to become the UK’s top salesman for global market leader, Ingersoll Rand.

Building a business in a recession

In the 1980s, as the UK entered a recession with falling output and rising unemployment, Roy decided to set up his first business. He started with an office built into the understairs cupboard at his family home. But he had the unwavering support of Bubbles, who was working four nights a week on a busy hospital ward.

The business specialised in selling and servicing air compressors, and they fast became the country’s top distributor for Ingersoll Rand. Roy’s entrepreneurial nature, combined with his drive for progress, led to him establishing a pipe-fitting firm, which became the first distributor for Corroless corrosion coatings.

Roy ran this business successfully throughout the 1980s. He became a successful and skilled business leader. In keeping with the time, he made the most of opportunities presented to him, as the economy emerged out of recession and into an era of prosperity. There were opportunities for those who were in a position to grow their businesses.

Developing a niche in the market

Following a speculative introduction by a friend, Roy became aware of a small specialist coating firm with just one customer. That customer was British Steel. Always looking for a new challenge, Roy decided once again to invest in a new opportunity. He set about bringing this specialist coating product to mass market. And the very niche cut edge corrosion sector was established.

Through his relationship with British Steel, Roy met those who were to become members of his core team, when he founded Giromax in 1996. Working together, this team continued to develop innovative formulations for the coating of cut steel. Used primarily on industrial building roofing systems, the coating was designed to mitigate, minimise and treat cut edge corrosion. The key benefits included improved longevity of roofing on industrial buildings.


And this is where Giromax began…


In the next part of our story series, we will look at how Roy’s values and leadership launched the careers of sector experts We will also look at how the UK market for cut edge corrosion treatment was influenced by Giromax products.

If you need technical advice on preparation, application or our product range, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

Introducing Giromax® Roofcoat

Why make Giromax® Roofcoat your choice today?

Our technical expertise gained from over 40 years in profiled steel sheet manufacture and refurbishment, enables us to supply the most technically capable up to the minute products available.

It can be sprayed directly from the tin. No mixing required. And like previous versions is fully moisture tolerant which means it can be applied to wet surfaces, hardening to a tough elastic coating with high impact and dirt resistance. This single coat system also comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Why stop work when the roof is wet? Giromax® is fully moisture tolerant!

Treatment of the cut edge is included as standard when the Giromax® system is specified, where it is designed to address both the top and reverse side of the cut edge using laminar flake technology that seals and bonds with corrosion.

Giromax® Roofcoat is the first choice to reinstate the protective covering to profiled metal roofing for the following key reasons:

  • One Coat System
  • Use straight from the tin
  • Comprehensive Colour Range – at no extra cost
  • Same Day Wash and Apply
  • Reduced Labour & Access costs
  • Less time spent on site and working at height
  • 20 Year Guarantee

Make Giromax® Roofcoat your choice today!

We’re always here to help.

Whether you want more information, a quote or are simply seeking some expert advice. Call our friendly advisers on 01455 558969 or enquire today.

Giromax Delivers Treatment On Time

GIiromax recently completed a long term treatment to sheet end cut edge corrosion at the large Amazon Distribution facility in Doncaster. Fully moisture tolerant, Girosil® RC-E (now Giromax® Edgecoat) was easily able to meet the challenges presented by this difficult to treat metal roof detail.

Amazon Roof


Amazon Roof


Amazon Roof

Giromax® Edgecoat Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment delivers advanced corrosion control, can be applied in the wet and is resistant to bird attack.

PROJECT: Profiled Sheet Cut Edge Corrosion

SPECIFIER: Watts Group PLC (Leeds)

CONTRACTOR: Doncaster Maintenance Ltd 0845 257 8101

SPECIFICATION: Girosil® Edge RC-E (Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment) – (now Giromax® Edgecoat)

SIZE: 4500 Linear Meters

Giromax® Edgecoat

Giromax® uses the latest hybrid technology that takes full advantage of properties developed to overcome the application restrictions and wear limitations of silicone alone. Giromax® can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature, achieving robust lap edge encapsulation by hardening to a tough elastic coat with high impact absorption and damage resistance.

Fully moisture tolerant, the Giromax® system can be applied to all surfaces, wet or dry, speeding up application times and helping meet project demands.


Giromax® delivers market leading Performance, Choice & Reliability. For further information click here to view our revolutionary new product range, all fully guaranteed for up to 20 years.

We’re always here to help, whether you want more information, a quote or advice, simply call our expert team or enquire today.

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