COVID19: An Open Letter from MD Roy Emmett



Seeing other companies express their hopes and wishes to overcome this pandemic, I have decided to add my thoughts and feelings in my own ‘open letter ‘to the wider business community.

Since the initial lockdown was announced back in March – seems a lifetime away now, there have been many changes. The last eight months have been challenging for us as a business, as a team and for each of us personally. I don’t think that any of us then imagined what we would have to do on a daily basis, adapting to the new ‘normal’ as defined by the world’s response to this pandemic.

And yet much has, in many ways, remained the same. I will state now and for all to know, I remain incredibly proud of the business that we have built; our core company values, our commitment to go further with customer service, product quality and innovation is at the core of what we do. Covid19 has driven us to rediscover the positives we have crafted over our 25 years market leading position.

We have remained open throughout this crisis, providing a safe working environment for our staff whilst continuing to service our customers, generating the feeling of normality, stability and a sense of the routine, supplying a continuation of care that enabled deliveries to be met and work schedules to be kept.

We did not furlough our employees and they responded as a team, allowing our customers to confidently predict and plan work schedules in uncertain times knowing that support from staff kept in place is at the end of the phone. We have not stopped nor wavered in our commitment to our customers and their contracts have been completed on time.

None of us know how long this is going to continue and we don’t know how Coronavirus will change our lives in the future, but I do know we have a sound strategy in place to defeat its effect on our business, built around a team I am proud of. How we have responded and how we will continue to respond and worked together safely driving the business and supporting each other, will make us even stronger.

When I say team, I mean this is not just about us alone. I want also to thank all our supply partners and customers for the essential part they too have played in supporting us through all their help, hard work and encouragement during these trying times.

I have learned in business we will always face challenges but by sticking together and seeing this one through, we will come out even stronger.

Roy Emmet, Managing Director Giromax Technology Ltd.