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Silicone/urethane technology used in Girosil® has a proven track record for long term resistance to rain, sleet, snow, acid rain and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.



When gutters leak, it’s often from their joints, usually due to poorly draining or standing water. Girosil® SE sealant cures this by creating a new external joint seal that stays flexible enough to withstand normal gutter movement and remains unaffected by weathering conditions such as UV, rain, and snow.



Asbestos cement sheets are vapour permeable with high moisture content. Coatings which are a vapour barrier will trap the moisture and blister. Girosil® is a fully breathing coating that will not crack or blister, allowing the sheet to ‘sweat’ & keeping rainwater out.



Exposure to UV makes coatings hard and brittle. They peel off when they can no longer expand and contract with the substrate. Silicone as used in Girosil® is naturally resistant to UV radiation, staying adherent and flexible and able to move with the substrate without cracking or lift.



Moisture accelerates corrosion at the cut edges of a metal sheet. A roof lap joint will be destroyed by capillary held water unless it’s sealed. Girosil® overcomes this problem by providing an external seal flexible enough to withstand any deflection and movement without the need to lift and reset the roof sheets.

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