Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply for a credit account; how do I apply?

You may apply by requesting an application form for a credit account providing your first order has been paid for, and that all Credit checks are satisfactory.

How can I learn to apply Girosil®, is there a training course I can attend?

Giromax offer full free of charge training on all aspects of installing Girosil® . Training is usually carried out on site at the start of the project; however training can be undertaken at our offices or at your place of work.

Where can I buy Girosil®; are there distributors around the UK?

Giromax is the sole distributor of all products in the Girosil protective coatings range. To order: email sales@giromax.co.uk or ring the sales team on 01455 558969

How do I specify Giromax products; does Giromax need to visit site?

All Giromax products come fully supported with comprehensive application specifications. Each project is viewed individually and a report produced based on a site visit or photographic evidence. The report will contain observations, recommended treatment, the names of qualified applicators and job budget costs. All supporting technical documentation including application specifications is attached for inclusion in a prepared schedule of works. This is a free service that has been particularly valuable to building surveyors charged with dilapidation and condition survey responsibilities. For more information, please call us or contact us online.

What’s the difference between Girosil® RC-E, RC, RC-G ?

These are the names of Giromax specifications that use one product – Girosil® to treat different problems commonly found in building refurbishment work. Hence, Girosil® Edge RC-E is the specification used to treat cut edge corrosion, Girosil® RoofCoat RC is used for profiled metal and asbestos sheets, Girosil® Gutter RC-G for gutters. All Giromax product specifications may be accessed from this web site.

Do Giromax products come with a guarantee?

All products come with standard material guarantees issued on completion of a satisfactory installation to the Giromax customer who purchased them. Girosil® Edge RC-E and Girosil® Gutter RC-G specifications carry a standard 15 year guarantee. Girosil® RoofCoat RC profiled sheet specification carries a standard 20 year guarantee.

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