Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment


GIROSIL® EDGE RC-E is the revolutionary next generation of coatings from Giromax, designed to treat both the top and reverse side of the cut edge through advanced corrosion treatment and encapsulation.

Uniquely, both GIROSIL® Base and GIROSIL® SE Sealant stabilise the substrate using laminar flake technology that seals and bonds with corrosion. Solvent free GIROSIL® Edge RC-E then prevents rainwater re-entering the lap. It can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature. Fully moisture tolerant, it can be applied in the wet and hardens to a tough elastic coating with high impact and dirt resistance.


  • Fully Moisture Tolerant system using laminar flake technology for matchless corrosion control

  • Proven long life, being unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature

  • Excellent elastic and flexibility properties to withstand normal surface movements

Instructions for Use

GIROSIL® EDGE RC-E as been developed against a background of decades of experience of roof refurbishment and repair and is designed as a two stage application. Fully moisture tolerant, GIROSIL® Base quickly cures to allow a follow on installation of GIROSIL® SE sealant and GIROSIL® EDGE RC-E Topcoat that requires little in the way of expensive application equipment.

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  • Specification Used: Cut edge corrosion treatment on profiled steel roofing

  • Specification Used: Gutter joint sealing

  • Specification Used: Hook bolt and local encapsulation on asbestos cement sheeting

  • Specification Used: Profiled metal sheet and rooflight lap seal

Giromax Brand

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