GIROSIL Paint Technology - Time for Change



For over 20 years, GIROMAX TECHNOLOGY have paved the way in Profiled Steel Roofing Refurbishment, delivering market leading protective roof coating systems. From Cut Edge Corrosion to complete Roof Coating and Gutter Repair, our Silicone-based systems were the high-performance products to beat. So why was it time for change?


At GIROMAX we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most technologically advanced systems available. Over the decades we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ needs are placed at the forefront of everything we do.

Our old Silicone-based systems were not without

their challenges, so we listened carefully to

our customers and used their feedback to help

advance our product range

It is this that has driven us forward to develop and deliver the new improved protective coating system from GIROMAX. GIROSIL.

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We worked alongside some of the most technically advanced paint technologists, to address the challenges encountered by our customers. As a result, we have developed a new hybrid product, GIROSIL. This exciting product advancement, uses Laminar Flake technology to stem the spread of corrosion, superseding the limitations of Silicone, outperforming our old product range.

We worked closely with our suppliers, challenging them to push the boundaries of innovation. They delivered.

GIROSIL® uses Laminar Flake technology to stem the spread of corrosion, superseding the limitations of Silicone, outperforming our old product range


For effective corrosion control, GIROSIL® doesn’t rely solely on its tenacious adhesion.

GIROSIL® Basecoat penetrates and binds with corrosion at the molecular level, using Laminar Flake technology to form a hard barrier that prevents air and moisture from reaching the substrate.

Laminar Flake is also found in GIROSIL® SE, a moisture tolerant sealant that fully contacts with all surfaces to secure a full inter-lap seal. It uses the same base structure as GIROSIL® Edge RC-E, the coating that completes the lap encapsulation.

This results in a tough, UV resistant system that fully satisfies the demand for both corrosion control and flexibility, without sacrificing impact and abrasion resistance.

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With the introduction of GIROSIL, GIROMAX Technology have advanced in tandem with ground-breaking paint technology, to set a new standard for Profiled Roof Refurbishment

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GIROSIL is Moisture Tolerant

GIROSIL is moisture tolerant, so it can be applied in the wet. Literally wash and apply. Contractors can apply our product during winter periods and remove costly scaffolding in a timely manner. There is no longer the need for dry surface application as required with our old Silicone system.

GIROSIL is a Single Coat System

GIROSIL is a single coat system. This cuts down time for our Contractors whilst reducing costs for the end user.

GIROSIL is Bird & Impact Resistant

GIROSIL is impact resistant. It dries to a tough, elastic coating, which means that it is highly resistant to Bird Attack, a common problem encountered with Silicone based systems. GIROSIL has been specifically developed to supersede the design limitations of silicone treatments by overcoming both dependence on moisture free corrosion control and a vulnerability to impact and abrasion damage, especially from bird attack. 

GIROSIL delivers Superior Corrosion Control

GIROSIL system incorporates laminar flake technology that both halts corrosion at the molecular level and forms a barrier to air and moisture to prevent further substrate attack on sheet edges, overlaps and gutters. 


Bringing you the roof coating products of the future, today.