Girosil from Giromax

The revolutionary next generation of coatings

by GIROMAX Technology

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Why stop work when its wet? GIROSIL® is fully moisture tolerant!

GIROSIL® is the revolutionary next generation of coatings from Giromax. Our new, improved product range delivers benefits that supersede our old silicone systems, using newly advanced, market leading technology.

It is fully moisture tolerant which means it can be applied in the wet, hardening to a tough elastic coating with high impact and dirt resistance. At the cut edge it’s designed to address both the top and reverse side of the cut edge using laminar flake technology that seals and bonds with corrosion. GIROSIL® is BBA Accredited.

Complimentary uses include full sheet encapsulation of asbestos cement and the liquid membrane restoration of gutters.

GIROSIL® uses Laminar Flake technology to stem the spread of corrosion, superseding the limitations of Silicone, outperforming our old product range.

The GIROSIL product range delivers market leading Performance, Choice & Reliability

Girosil Treats all corrosion and fully protects the top four problem areas

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Giromax Guarantee



One Coat System

Same Day Wash and Apply

20 Year Guarantee

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Bird and Impact Resistant

15 Year Guarantee

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Solid Under Standing Water

15 Year Guarantee

Girosil Roofcoat RC (Asbestos) Blue Tin.
Giromax Guarantee



One Coat Application

Fully Breathing Membrane

20 Year Guarantee

The Girosil product range is fully specified and installed by experienced trained applicators, backed up with full technical support and assistance.

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