GIROSIL® Roofcoat RC

Case Study



Cut Edge Corrosion

The original pvc coating to the cladding sheets needed a complete overhaul



Nothing lasts forever and whilst the profiled metal roofs sheets on the busy Halfords store in Darlington were still capable of giving many more years of useful service it was discovered that the original pvc coating to the cladding sheets had reached its “repaint decision time” and needed a complete overhaul.


The original sheets themselves were in good condition, it was only the protective coating that needed replacing and since the busy store could not be closed for prolonged repairs the project management team at CBRE chose to re-coat the roof with the Giromax roof coating system. This external treatment solution offered negligible site disruption whilst providing complete weather and corrosion resistance for decades to come.

The roof sheet edges and overlaps had also been affected by the now widely known problem of “cut edge corrosion where the ingress of dirt and air borne pollutants into the roofs central lap joints and gutter overhangs causes peel back of the original pvc coating and leads to rapidly increasing corrosion of the exposed edges. To prevent further corrosion to these critical areas the edges and laps were treated with the Giromax roof coating system, that is designed for and proven over many years to be the ideal solution.

D. Evans Limited, a Giromax Approved Contractor, therefore treated all edges and laps before applying a two coat application of the Giromax coating to the entire external surface of the roof.

Girosil Roofcoat RC (Metal) Orange Tin.j