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Take your side cladding from tired and faded to shiny and new in a flash.


Why not swap costly replacements for cost effective repairs. Not only will you save money, you’ll also reduce timescales and massively minimise on-site impact. A lot less hassle all round.

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PROBLEM: Aged & Faded Side Cladding

A tired looking building can be damaging to your brand or that of your tenants. And, as with any other metal cladding, the re-painting and refurbishment of your wall cladding is inevitable over time.

Side Cladding Restoration
Girocote Side Cladding


Refurbish Side Cladding

A timely re-paint of your existing cladding avoids the costly and time consuming process of replacement panels, leaves you with a shiny building to reflect your brand identity and, in the case of commercial rentals, restores the building back to its pre-rental condition.

Breath new life into your old side cladding with this protective and astheticly pleasing product. Select from a wide range of RAL and British Standard colours, to match your corporate identity, and then simply spray, roll or paint away.

Giromax Technology offers a specified product range that is installed by fully trained and experienced applicators, backed up with full technical support and assistance.

Girocote 10 year guarantee