Caroline Evans

9 Dec 2021
< 1 minutes

What is it you do at Giromax?

What don’t I do… Seriously, my role is office manager.

What do you like best about your particular role?

Over the years, I have developed knowledge of most aspects of the business, therefore I am able to ensure we look at the overall picture when we are dealing with any query, especially technical ones. The boys will say all I do is nag, but someone’s got to try and keep them in order. I have also been involved with warehouse management and stock control, as well as other ad hoc projects which have included e-marketing, literature design and Brexit preparations.

Fun fact about you?

Take your pick – depends on what you think is fun! As a child I managed to get knocked down on a zebra crossing. I have also done a parachute jump and scuba dive – so much for keeping my feet on solid ground!

What is it you do at Giromax

I work as the Office Manager

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