Christine Hollingsworth

9 Dec 2021
< 1 minutes

What is it you do at Giromax?

My role is to support the General Manager & help to raise our profile in the marketplace with webinars, blogs and sending out factual material, through social media posts.

Tell us more about your particular role?

When I first started with Giromax, I was responsible for all stock orders, deliveries inwards, stock control, checking invoices, statements & payments in. I liaised with our suppliers to maintain a high level of stock and service to our customers.

In the last 9 months my role has transitioned into Assistant to General Manager. In this role I work closely with our General Manager, Marketing Team & Field Engineers. I implement Zoom meetings and webinars, produce reports, and conduct face to face meetings (when allowed). I work very closely with our Marketing Manager to ensure all deadlines are met and all projects completed.

Fun fact about you?

I love animals, nature and travelling. I was a wedding singer with my sister and I once made a CD of ballads.


What is it you do at Giromax

I work as the ​Assistant to General Manager

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