Margaret Holden

9 Dec 2021
< 1 minutes

What is it you do at Giromax?

I am largely involved in sales and ordering administration but also provide support for all other office tasks. I liaise customers & with our Field Engineers. My key roles are processing orders, customer services, estimating materials requirements, dealing with our couriers.

Tell us more about your experience?

Prior to working for Giromax I had been in the retail sector as a Training Manager and Customer Service Manager, this has given me a good grounding to enable me to do my role at Giromax and give a high quality of customer service.

Fun fact about you?

I ride pillion on my partner’s motorbike. We have been all over the UK and some of Europe in every kind of weather. And we belong to a motorbike club called Clanfield Straight Heroes. I am also an avid F1 supporter.

What is it you do at Giromax

I work as the Office Administrator

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