Delcote® Architectural Coating

Roof & Wall Cladding Refurbishment

Before and After Delcote TreatmentDELCOTE® is a silicone coating designed for re-coating roof and wall cladding substrate including masonry, concrete, asbestos cement, polyurethane foam and most painted or unpainted metals.

It is the ideal product for reinstating a protective coating to profiled metal cladding where its standard  200 micron application will provide protection equal to or better than the original coating.

Key Benefit

  • Primer-less adhesion to most substrates.
  • Durability – proven world-wide use with a life expectancy of over 20 years
  • Use with SEAMSIL® 100 cut edge corrosion repair.
  • UV and temperature resistant for longer proven life.
  • Proven long term protection against corrosion on metal roofs.
  • Provides breathable membrane for protection of asbestos and concrete surfaces.

Instructions for Use

DELCOTE® should only be applied to substrates that are structurally sound and provide a clean, dry and stable base for re-coating. DELCOTE® can be spray, brush or roller applied in two coats of contrasting colour to ensure coverage and thickness. Peel adhesion tests should be carried out to ensure the surface to be treated is suitable for application. Priming is not generally required unless indicated by the on-site adhesion test.

Full application and product details are to be found on the technical data sheets:

  • Specification:  Delcote® Profiled Metal Roofing
  • Specification:  Delcote® Profiled Metal Cladding
  • Specification: Delcote® Asbestos Cement Sheeting

Natural UV resistance

Natural UV Resistance and waterproofingUV makes coatings hard and brittle, limiting their ability to expand and contract resulting in loss of adhesion. DELCOTE® is completely and naturally resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, ensuring enduring flexibility and adhesion.

Natural Waterproofing

DELCOTE® repels surface water, promoting flow and discouraging the formation of ponding and standing water.

Natural Anti-corrosion

DELCOTE® forms a tenacious, primerless bond to the surface of steel substrate that prevents further oxidation.