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Asbestos Roof Repair

Asbestos roofs present a unique challenge for facility managers and commercial landlords due to the material’s health and safety concerns. With thousands of commercial roofs across the UK fitted with asbestos sheeting, issues with cracks and corrosion are common problems. With our help, you can minimise the cost and risks involved with an entire roof replacement by repairing damages with a safe surface encapsulation solution.

Problem: Aged & Degraded Asbestos Sheets

Asbestos sheeting was originally introduced as a lightweight alternative to commercial slate and tile roofing. Fibres of mainly white chrysotile asbestos provided the strength and flexibility to allow cement sheets to be pressed into standard profiles that carried a realistic 50 year life expectancy. Manufacture continued until the early 1980’s when the dangers of asbestos led to its replacement.

However, with many commercial units still fitted with an asbestos roof, some of which are approaching the end of their life expectancy, cracks and corroded or loosened bolts and fixtures are all common problems being faced today. Sheets are fragile and often cracked while loose, corroded fixings add to lift and damage, presenting a costly and hazardous maintenance issue.

The dangers of disturbing the asbestos sheet means even the simplest repair must be undertaken by specialist contractors to avoid airborne release of harmful fibres. Stringent disposal regulations also means replacement is costly and hugely disruptive.

On the other hand, over-sheeting adds weight, risks disturbing the sheet through fixing and may lead to condensation without addressing the underlying problem of deteriorating asbestos cement. This scenario is faced by thousands of industrial and commercial units across the country.

Common Issues Asbestos

Common Issues

  • Long-term exposure to the elements can cause asbestos cement to deteriorate and crack
  • Asbestos cement sheets become fragile due to age and weather exposure, making them more susceptible to damage and causing risk to health
  • Worn fixtures, fittings and bolts can cause lift and damage
  • Over-sheeting as a solution can lead to further issues involving condensation

What you can expect

  • Total surface encapsulation using laminar flake technology
  • A fully moisture tolerant coating.
  • Unaffected by UV and temperature extremes
  • A breathable membrane that prevents further water damage
  • Treats and seals fixings and bolts
  • Resistant to bird damage
  • Resistant to dirt pick up
  • BBA approved performance


Giromax® Roofcoat for asbestos cement is a BBA certified asbestos roof repair system. It is completely moisture tolerant, meaning it works just as effectively on damp surfaces to provide a matchless, safe and cost effective solution that extends the life of a roof for up to 20 years.

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