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Giromax’s suite of market leading products is underpinned by decades of experience in treating and repairing commercial roofs, cladding and guttering. As a result, we offer expertise and advice in every area we service.

Commercial Roof Refurbishment test

Weathering and aging are common problems faced by commercial profiled metal roofs. While entire roof replacement projects are time consuming and expensive, our coating reinstatement system can help restore protection, and even effectively treat cut edge corrosion.

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Gutter Repairs

When gutters begin to experience poor rainwater drainage due to clogs, dirt build up and standing water, they can soon become damaged and corroded. Fortunately, these issues can usually be fixed with a simple gutter coating solution, rather than complete gutter system replacement.

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Rooflight Restoration

With age and long-term exposure to the elements, rooflights can begin to look tired. Fortunately, it is usually only the weather surface’s protective film that needs repairing, saving you the costly and disruptive task of replacing entire rooflights.

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Asbestos Roofs

Aged and damaged asbestos cement roof sheets present a unique challenge. But with a total surface encapsulation solution, you can extend the life of the current sheets and fixtures while avoiding costly and hazardous roof replacements.

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Wall Cladding Repair

Based on our extensive experience of repairing cladding, here are our most practical solutions for addressing common issues associated with aged and faded wall cladding straight from the experts. Whether you're dealing with wear and tear, discolouration, or physical damage, we’ll guide you through the right approach to restore the integrity and aesthetics of your cladding.

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Cut Edge Corrosion

Although cut edge corrosion is a common issue on roofs, gutters and cladding, if left neglected for too long, cracks and erosion can lead to costly damages. An effective corrosion treatment can help restore protection without the need for costly replacement projects.

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