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Giromax® Technology Explained

Giromax® coatings are the revolutionary next generation of coatings from Giromax Technology Ltd. Our innovative range of coatings include BBA certified solutions that deliver benefits that are technologically advanced, leaving behind old solutions.

Giromax® coatings use laminar flake technology which has been used for decades in marine environments to stem the spread of corrosion, out performing equivalent​ silicone coatings.

Many of the products are fully moisture tolerant which means they can be applied in the wet, hardening to a tough elastic coating with high impact and dirt resistance.

At the cut edge it is designed to address both the top and reverse side of the cut edge using laminar flake technology that seals and bonds with corrosion.

Across the roof area it reinstates the original manufacturer’s coating, to equal or improved levels.

Complimentary uses include full sheet encapsulation of asbestos cement and the liquid membrane restoration of gutters.

Performance, Choice & Reliability

Giromax® systems treat all corrosion and fully protects the top four problem areas for commercial buildings:

Profiled metal roofing

Giromax® Roofcoat offers an effective solution for treating corrosion on profiled steel sheet roofs.

  • One coat system
  • Same day wash and apply
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Bird and impact resistant

Cut Edge Corrosion

Giromax® Edgecoat effectively treats, seals and protects surfaces against cut edge corrosion.

  • Bird and impact resistant
  • 15 years guarantee


Giromax® Guttercoat is an advanced gutter repair solution that can extend the life of a rainwater drainage system.

  • Solid under standing water
  • 15 year guarantee

Asbestos Roofing and Cladding

Giromax® Roofcoat provides a safe and cost effective solution for sealing asbestos cement sheets.

  • One coat application
  • Fully breathing protective membrane
  • 20 year guarantee
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