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Preserving gutter protection

A roof gutter at eaves or central valley location forms the main component of a system that protects a building’s foundation by collecting and diverting rainwater shed by its roof. They also help to reduce erosion and protect painted surfaces by minimising exposure to water.

However, it is common for gutters to face issues regarding clogging and poor drainage due to build up, plant growth and standing water. In many cases, this can lead to corrosion, cracks and damage to the building.

Fortunately, if caught in time, most guttering can be treated and its protection indefinitely preserved.

Giromax® Guttercoat is designed to fully treat the gutter through anti-corrosion treatment and joint and substrate encapsulation. When used with Giromax® Sealant, (to seal defective joints), the coating system offers an effective solution for up to 15 years.


Key Benefits

  • Moisture tolerant meaning it can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Highly resistant to UV, temperatures and weather extremes
  • Provides permanent elastomeric coating with vapour breathable properties
  • Incorporates matchless, laminar flake, anti-corrosion technology
  • Suitable for use on many gutter substrates, including galvanised steel, aluminium, cast iron, lead, copper, asbestos and concrete
  • Allows you to swap costly replacements with cost effective repairs

Instructions for Use

Giromax® Guttercoat has been developed against a background of decades of experience in commercial gutter repair. The gutter coating solution must be applied by a trained professional. Giromax® Basecoat and Sealant can be used to prepare and seal defective joints beforehand, in order for a seamless result. For more information on application, please see the guidelines provided below. For further advice on training or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Moisture Tolerant Gutter Repair

Giromax® Guttercoat offers a completely moisture tolerant solution to repair commercial gutters. When applied, the advanced coating system can effectively encapsulate even damp surfaces, restoring protection and reducing the need for costly replacements.

The innovative solution forms a protective barrier for the guttering system, which is resistant to all weather conditions, varying temperatures and standing water. Giromax® Guttercoat is just as effective on many types of gutter material, including cast iron, lead, galvanised steel, copper, aluminium, concrete and asbestos cement.

For more information, please see our gutter repair page.

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