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Rooflight Repair

Rooflights on a commercial property must meet stringent health and safety regulations But through natural long-term exposure to the elements, it’s common for the condition of rooflights to tire. By carrying out a rooflight repair, this can ensure that you can meet the regulatory standards. With our help, you can extend the life of a commercial rooflight and avoid costly replacements by preserving its protection with an innovative coating system.

Problem: Surface Worn GRP

Over time, the factory fitted UV and weather protective layer on a commercial rooflight can deteriorate due to long-term exposure to the elements. Therefore, qualities that have been designed to meet non-fragile and fire retardant regulations can be lost, posing significant health and safety risks.

In many cases, it’s the UV resistant polyester film on the weather surface that weakens, leaving the rooflight susceptible to extreme exposure, which can impact its aesthetic appeal and even cause cracks and subsequent damage.

Therefore, when damage begins to show, the general advice is to replace the rooflight, which is a costly and disruptive task. And in cases where roofs are made from asbestos or fibre cement sheets, the job becomes an even greater challenge.


Common Issues:

  • Deteriorated rooflight protection can present significant health and safety risks
  • Unprotected weather surface on a rooflight can begin to crack
  • Rooflights begin to look tired and untidy with dirt build up and growth, impacting the appeal of the building
  • Replacing rooflights is expensive and disruptive, and particularly challenging on asbestos or fibre cement roofs
What you can expect from Giromax Rooflight Repair service?


  • Repairing a rooflight will preserve the integrity of the surface, protecting against UV rays, snow, ice and heavy rainfall.
  • Rooflight repairs can stop water ingress through any gaps in the seals, which can lead to leaks inside the building and damage to interior spaces.
  • A rooflight repair can help to extend the lifespan of both the rooflight and the surrounding roof area.

Giromax® Rooflight Clearcoat

Giromax® Rooflight Clearcoat is an advanced, market-leading solution for rooflight repairs. Designed to recoat the rooflight, Giromax® Rooflight Clearcoat has several benefits.

Moisture-tolerant, this coating can be applied to damp surfaces and provides full encapsulation of the rooflight. It produces a tough, elastomeric membrane that allows for natural movement, while providing high resistance to extreme weather conditions and UV. Guaranteed for up to 10 years, this coating will help you to save money and stay compliant.

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