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7 Reasons Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Important

There are many reasons why regular roof maintenance is important, from avoiding costly repairs to energy efficiency. Lets look at the benefits…

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2 Jul 2024
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Commercial buildings often have large scale roofing systems, which need to be checked and surveyed on a regular basis. There are several reasons why a regular roof maintenance is important and should not be overlooked. A well-maintained roof reaps lots of benefits from both a cost and efficiency perspective. We take a closer look at some of the main areas of concern to consider when maintaining a roof on a commercial or industrial building.

Roof maintenance is the key to preventing major repairs and in some cases a full roof replacement. Despite modern roofing materials offering strength and durability, they can still be prone to different forms of deterioration over time. Due to climate change, there has been an increase in extreme weather events, which are taking their toll on our roofing systems. It’s also worth noting that many roof manufacturers require maintenance to validate warranties.

1. Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular roof maintenance allows you to address minor repairs before they become major problems. When a commercial roof is left unchecked for long periods, various forms of deterioration can take place. Small areas of corrosion, for example, can appear on metal profiled roofs, especially at the cut edges of the sheet. If these areas are not identified and subsequently treated, the corrosion can spread across the metal sheet, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

2. Extend Property Value

A well-maintained roof will extend the market value of your commercial property. A regular maintenance programme will enable you to keep a roof structurally sound, energy efficient, and visually pleasing. Improving the efficiency and aesthetics of the roof will make your overall building more desirable for future buyers. If you are a building owner looking to sell, a well-maintained roof will help to ensure you can agree an optimum sale price.

3. Maintain Property Value

If you want to maintain the current market value of an industrial or commercial building, then you should implement a regular maintenance programme. The most important benefit is the fact that you can avoid any costly structural issues in the future. By maintaining your roof surface, you can keep this free of dirt, debris and staining, as well as serious issues such as cut edge corrosion. The roof will be more aesthetically pleasing and it will also help to keep your tenants happy and your rental prices higher.

4. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Regular roof maintenance will enhance the building’s energy efficiency capability. Minor repairs can be carried out to seal any leaks and gaps and to tackle any drainage issues. By taking a proactive approach to insulation, including the application of reflective roof coatings, you can reduce energy bills. Lowering the building’s energy consumption will result in cheaper utility bills, helping you and the building occupants meet their green agenda. By optimising the performance of a roofing system, you could extend the lifespan of the roof too.

5. Ensure Safety

A well-maintained roof will be safer for the building occupants. Any structural issues can be identified and repaired, which reduces the risk of water leaks into the building interiors. Water can cause havoc with electric wiring, and it can damage expensive equipment. There are various health and safety hazards involved in maintaining a roof too. It’s important to follow the ‘Working at height’ advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) when carrying out roof maintenance.

For buildings with asbestos cement roofs, any cracking could expose harmful fibres, which can present health and safety hazards to the occupants. The HSE also has a guide on how to manage asbestos in buildings.

6. Prevent Structural Damage

There are lots of problems that can occur within an industrial roof. If the structure hasn’t been inspected for a while, have the roof space surveyed to make sure there are no problems lurking. If there has been any water ingress, this could cause corrosion to metal roof frames and rot to timber roof frames. Buildings with asbestos cement roofs could have friable areas, which means the substrate is crumbling. This can present dangerous health and safety hazards to the occupants and needs addressing by a specialist asbestos team.

7. Improve Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of commercial premises is not only important for a property sale, but it’s vital for attracting tenants too. A well-maintained building and roof will have greater curb appeal for businesses looking to rent offices or industrial units. Collectively, everyone benefits, from the landlord to the business owners and their staff.


Implementing a regular roof maintenance programme will help you keep repair costs to a minimum, along with energy costs too. This will help you to preserve the integrity of the roof structure and the curb appeal from an aesthetic perspective. Roof maintenance programmes and inspections should be scheduled regularly, especially after a storm or heavy rainfall.

There are lots of ways to protect the surface of your roof, including roof coatings for different types of substrates. Giromax® offer a range of specialist products. These coating formulas have been designed with durability in mind for commercial and industrial buildings. They can help to protect the roof against various weather conditions, UV rays, and damage caused by fallen debris.

If you need technical advice on the application or preparation of any of the Giromax® product range, please speak to our team or call 01455 558969 today.

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