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The Lifestyle Of A Coated Roof

The Lifecycle of a Coated Roof

What is the typical lifecycle of a coated roof? Depending on the substrate, structure and the type of coating, the lifespan of a roof coating will vary. We look at a metal profiled roof and share ways you can extend its life by using suitable roof treatments and coatings.

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20 Jan 2023
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Metal roofing systems

Long-lasting, tough and durable, a metal roof is the most common choice for industrial buildings due to its longevity. On installation, you could expect a new profiled metal roof to last at least 25 years and up to 50 years on average, as it’s supplied with a protective coating. Ultimately, the quality of construction, shape and structure of your metal roof will determine its lifespan, along with any wear and tear from exposure to weather conditions.

If you or your client has a building with a metal roof, then it’s worth inspecting regularly to check its integrity in case it requires any treatment or recoating. The correct surface preparation and application of a specialist metal roof coating is important to obtain a guarantee and to extend the roof lifespan. It’s always cheaper to repaint a roof, rather than replacing metal sheets, and it’s better for the environment too.

The steel manufacturing industry is responsible for toxic emissions contributing to air pollution. So, if you or your client are committed to a green agenda, then it’s always worth considering whether a roof coating will fix the issue in the first instance. Sometimes the damage is unrepairable; if you need advice, please contact our Technical Field Managers.

Corrosion caused by weather conditions

As well as the quality of its construction, the British weather plays a large part in the length of time a standard metal roofing system will last. Exposure to sun and UV rays takes its toll over time. When hot sun and rain are combined, this creates a highly aggressive environment. Unless the roof has been painted using a coating with colour-fade technology, the roof appearance will start to fade. Poor quality coatings will lead to faster deterioration.

Likewise, heavy rain, ice, hail and snow will also affect the roof surface, along with the effects of debris landing on the roof as a result of stormy weather. If the roof has been coated with a strong, durable coating, you could expect the roof to last up to 25 years. But if a poor-quality coating has been used, then you could see areas of corrosion and weather damage. In profiled metal sheets, corrosion can occur when the cut edges are exposed.

Although profiled metal sheets have a protective layer of primer and topcoat over a zinc alloy, edges can be exposed when the sheets are cut. Over time, this exposure to the elements leads to cut edge corrosion. If left untreated, the corrosion will result in costly damage. If you intercept the corroded areas, carry out the correct preparation, and then apply a high-quality, cut edge corrosion treatment, you could extend the roof life by 15 years.

Repair, recoat or recycle

Through careful maintenance, treatment, repairs and recoating, the lifecycle of a metal roof might rotate for years. Until irreparable damage results in the metal sheets having to be replaced and recycled, this type of roofing system should last for decades. If you want to prolong the life of a metal profiled roof, then always choose a quality treatment and coating system that offers reassurance in the form of a guarantee.

Giromax® roof coatings have been specially developed by technical experts to deliver outstanding results. Our range can be applied in damp conditions, reducing delays for contractors exposed to the UK weather.

Our solvent-less products are also less harmful to the environment. Designed to release fewer polluting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), low heavy metal content and low isocyanates, they also have less leachable content. Materials stay within our coatings, allowing the rain to run off roofing systems. We also use more environmentally friendly stabilisers, which makes our products safer for our planet and contractors too.

When it comes to roof coating products, we are the original market leaders. Committed to innovation, our product range is continually tested, developed and improved. We work closely with surveyors and contractors to design quality roof coating formulas that meet their needs. Our aim is to provide your clients with durable, long-lasting roof coating solutions.

If you need application guidance or advice about any of our products, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969 today.

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