When does GiroDraw take place?

GiroDraw is drawn on the first Wednesday of each month.

The deadline for new registrations is 5.00pm the day before each monthly draw.

All subsequent Registrations will be entered into the following months draw, providing they are eligible.

How do I receive confirmation if I am a winner?

If your number is drawn, you will be informed by email. Please remember to check your spam folder. The monthly draw will be published on the GIROMAX LinkedIn page and the Giromax website. Follow us on LinkedIn here:

Can I apply for a credit account; how do I apply?

You may apply for a Credit Account by requesting an application form - Credit accounts are awarded providing your first order has been paid for, and that all Credit checks are satisfactory.

How do I claim my prize?

Winning credit notes will be automatically applied to your next monthly invoice. Figures are calculated based on the total amount invoiced in the previous month.

How do I register for GiroDraw?

If you hold a credit account with Giromax you can register for GiroDraw here.

I'm a cash customer. Can I register for GiroDraw?

To register for GiroDraw you need to hold a Credit Account. Only Credit Account Customers are eligable for GiroDraw. Credit accounts are awarded providing your first order has been paid for and that all Credit checks are satisfactory. To apply for a Credit Account request an application form here:

What are the Prizes?

There are three monthly prizes. GiroDraw prizes are credit notes, based on total monthly spend. First Prize - 10%. Second Prize 5%. Third Prize 2.5% e.g. If you spent £4,000 (ex VAT) in the previous month and won First Prize, you would win a credit note for £400.

GiroDraw Terms & Conditions

GiroDraw Terms & Conditions can be viewed here

How are GiroNumbers allocated?

Unique GiroNumbers are allocated at the point of registration, for all Contractors. A confirmation email will be emailed to you on registration. This numer is unique to you and your number will be placed in the montly draw for evey month that you qualify for entry.