GIROMAX SOLUTION: Repair Substrate

Avoid costly replacement and prolong the life of your system by simply repairing the lining. A lot less hassle all round.


A roof gutter at eaves or central valley location forms the main component of a system which collects and diverts rainwater shed by the roof to protect a building’s foundation by channelling water away from its base. They also help to reduce erosion and protect painted surfaces by reducing exposure to water.

Rain gutters can be constructed from a variety of materials, including cast iron, lead, galvanised steel, copper, aluminium, PVC (and other plastics), concrete, asbestos cement and single-ply.



GIROSIL® Giroglaze


Preserve protection and extend the life of your GRP Rooflights for years after application.


Avoid costly replacement and prolong the life of your rooflights by simply treating and preserving their protection. A lot less hassle all round.

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PROBLEM: Surface Worn GRP

Profiled translucent GRP rooflights are designed to provide diffused natural daylight with obvious benefits for commercial offices and buildings and are manufactured to meet stringent non fragile and fire retardant regulations.

The external weather surface is commonly protected with a UV resistant polyester film. Long term, it’s this film or gel coat and not the sheet itself that usually needs replacing. Caught in time, a rooflight can often be treated in situ and its protection preserved.

GRP Rooflight Repair
GRP Rooflight Refurbishment


Giromax Rooflight Repair is a high performance, high build, single component moisture curing aliphatic polyurethane coating that cures to provide a clear, tough membrane principally for the re coating and sealing of aged and weathered GRP rooflights.

  • It is UV resistant and accommodates rooflight movement

  • Primer-less adhesion to cleaned GRP surfaces

  • Fast application without disruption to internal activities


Once clean of moss and lichen, Giromax Rooflight Repair seals in the exposed fibres, remaining flexible enough to accommodate rooflight movement. Fully cured, it provides a tough clear elastomeric coating with crack bridging capabilities that is particularly effective on difficult to replace rooflights on asbestos and fibre cement roofing. It is based on a unique blend of polyurethane resins to produce a coating, which provides a tough durable finish with a high degree of impact, erosion and weather resistant properties that is simple and easy to use straight from the tin by roller or brush application.

Giromax Technology offers a specified product range that is installed by fully trained and experienced applicators, backed up with full technical support and assistance.

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