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3 Hot Topics For Surveyors

3 Hot topics for surveyors

When it comes to roof coatings, there are many hot topics for surveyors. We explore three areas where we are regularly asked for information directly or via our popular webinars.

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13 Feb 2023
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Approved contractors

Our most popular hot topic for surveyors relates to using tried and trusted, approved contractors to ensure a high-quality application of our coatings. When a surveyor asks our team for recommendations, we will provide details of three approved contractors for that region. These are contractors who meet or exceed the standards required by Giromax to obtain a guarantee for our coatings.

We are often asked by contractors if they can be added to our approved contractors list. For any interested contractors, we would need to inspect the workmanship of between three to six jobs to determine whether standards meet our high quality criteria.

If you’re a surveyor and you want to ensure there are no problems with obtaining a guarantee, ask us about our list of approved contractors. Not only will you rest assured when it comes to obtaining a guarantee, but an approved contractor will carry out the work consistently, aesthetically and to a high standard.

Guarantees and insurance

Our next popular topic relates to the criteria for issuing our product guarantees. Our Technical Services Managers main focus is on the contractor’s workmanship. We recommend that contractors always follow our guidance and we’re on hand to advise if there are any queries. Before issuing a guarantee, we would send the contractor our Guarantee Application Form. This document covers different substrates and coatings.

Below is a list of our material guarantees (only in the event of a product defect):

  • Edgecoat – 15 years
  • Roofcoat (Metal) – 25 years
  • Roofcoat (Asbestos) – 20 years
  • Gutter Joints – 10 years
  • Guttercoat – 15 years
  • Clearcoat – 10 years


Every inspection is documented and audited to ensure each guarantee reflects the quality of the workmanship. If the preparation or application of a coating hasn’t been carried out correctly, we will not issue a guarantee. In some cases, where the standard is good overall but there are some concerns, we may issue a guarantee with caveats.


In some instances, contractors may need to provide their own workmanship guarantee to clients to run alongside the above material guarantees.


Additional Insurance Backed Guarantee

A further Insurance Backed Guarantee is available for our Giromax® Roofcoat and Giromax® Edgecoat specifications. Effectively an insurance policy, this provides cover should either Giromax or the installing contractor cease trading. These additional policies are generally only available on an individual basis for a period of 10 – 12 years. If a policy is required, then the contractor will deal with the broker directly.


Policy premiums tend to be in the region of 3.5% of the contract value, with an uplift for asbestos projects (if applicable). Policies must be put in place prior to any contact starting. Sometimes there’s a requirement for the project to be inspected by a representative of the insurer, as well as our normal inspections.

Our materials guarantee and possibly a contractor’s workmanship guarantee may need to be submitted for policy applications. Our inspections are a requirement, which includes completed site visit reports and the usual final sign-off for the material guarantee to be issued.



Our third most frequent query from surveyors relates to the temperature variant for application of our product range. The ideal temperature range to apply our coatings is between 5 and 35 degrees. We strongly advise not applying our products above or below this temperature range, as this could lead to problems later down the line including possible remedial work. Correct application is the only way to obtain our guarantee.


  • Hot conditions
    When the substrate is too hot, the coating might not stick to the substrate or thicken properly. Coatings will cure quicker in warmer temperatures. It’s worth noting that the substrate temperature, especially in the case of metal profiled roofing, could be much hotter than the ambient temperature.
  • Cold conditions
    In freezing temperatures, coatings won’t adhere properly to the substrate. This can result in ice getting trapped between the poorly applied coating and the substrate. When this occurs, issues can arise within 18 months of application.
  • Damp conditions
    Certain products in our range, such as Giromax® Roofcoat and Giromax® Edgecoat, can be applied in damp conditions. But in the case of rain, water will interfere with the coating, preventing it from adhering properly to the substrate. So, we strongly advise not to apply our coatings when there’s the possibility of rain!

Giromax will be releasing a series of training videos on our website, which will provide useful information on every product in our range.

If you’re a surveyor and you have any hot topics you wish to discuss with our Technical Services Managers, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

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