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Giromax Story Part 3

The Giromax Story: Part 3

In part three of our story, we look at how our coating technology became synonymous with the name Giromax and became the most specified coating product on the market. In part two of our series, we explored how Giromax grew under Roy Emmett’s leadership. We were the first to market with advanced hybrid polymer coatings for industrial sheet metal roofs.

Myles Emmett Web
6 Dec 2022
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Giromax products became the desired coating and corrosion solution that our competitors wanted to replicate. Over the years, different coating solutions have entered the market, providing specifiers and contractors with a choice. We believe choices are good for the market, and while choice is a positive thing, Giromax products continue to lead the market.

Technologically advanced coatings

Our products are the most technologically capable solutions for treating cut edge corrosion on profiled metal roofs, gutters and cladding. Giromax Edgecoat treats both the top and reverse sides of the cut edge. Edgecoat is complimented by our Roofcoat product. This is a one coat system that reinstates the roof coating. It treats cut edge corrosion caused by UV exposure and weather conditions, providing total protection unmatched by anything else on the market.

Our Giromax® Roofcoat solution is BBA certified and comes with a 25-year guarantee. The product is fully moisture tolerant, which means it can be applied in wet conditions. It’s highly resistant to UV and temperature changes, and both impact and dirt resistant. And as you only need a single coat, which can be sprayed directly from the tin, businesses can swap costly replacements with cost-effective repairs.


Investing in people and innovation

Giromax’s product development journey demonstrates a history of innovation, which the business continues to foster today. We are proud to invest in our people, from our back- office support team to our Technical Services Managers, developing our team for future success.

Looking to the future, Giromax continues to innovate. We are investing in product R&D, which includes scanning the horizon for new and emerging issues that will impact our customers. As businesses become increasingly judged on their sustainability credentials, we are conscious of the need to consider environmental impacts. We want to contribute to a zero-carbon economy.

Construction and climate change

In general, the construction industry generates 30% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and utilises up to 50% of the world’s natural resources. In the UK alone, construction contributes to 45% of greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for an astonishing 62% of all waste.

In order to reach net-zero, the International Energy Agency estimates that direct building CO2 emissions need to fall by 50% by 2030. As the planet’s climate crisis worsens, governments and consumers are responding accordingly. Construction businesses are under increasing pressure to volunteer more detailed ESG reporting, and outline plans to address their carbon impact.

At Giromax we are aware of these issues, and the growing pressure to address the contributions to greenhouse emissions caused by manufacturing and the use of steel. The choices that surveyors make today in how they address the refurbishment of industrial buildings will be judged on the balance sheets of some of the biggest industrial property owners and occupiers in the UK and beyond.

Replace or recoat – the debate

The replace versus recoat debate will continue. Refurbishment is the preferred option for conscious building owners, wanting to extend the life of their industrial roofs while addressing their scope three carbon emissions.

Enabling our customers and contractors to operate in an ethical, sustainable and compliant manner not only benefits the planet, but will engage increasingly conscious stakeholders. And this in turn increases a business’s profitability and brand reputation.

One thing is certain: the refurbishment of industrial roofs is here to stay. How we do this, while addressing environmental concerns, protecting property assets and delivering guaranteed product performance, will no doubt evolve over time.

Giromax is a safe pair of hands. Our business was built from the ground up by Roy Emmett and continues to provide market-leading solutions. We will develop as a business fit for the challenges of a net zero future.

If you need technical advice on our products, preparation or application, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969.

Myles Emmett Web

What is it you do at Giromax

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