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How can you limit or prevent metal from rusting

How can you limit or prevent metal from rusting?

A variety of different materials are used on industrial buildings for roofing systems, but metal profile sheets are one of the most popular and durable options. But how can you limit or even prevent metal from rusting when it comes to a roofing system or cladding? The most cost-effective way is to treat the rust and repaint the metal. We look at ways to repair and protect an industrial metal roofing system.

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13 Sep 2022
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The level of refurbishment required for a metal roof or cladding will depend on the amount of rust and corrosion. A pitched, profiled metal roofing system will need to be checked for damage and any areas where water could be pooling. A regular maintenance programme ensures the building is checked externally and internally for leaks and weak spots. Read our guide to pitched metal roof inspections, How often should a pitched steel roof be inspected?

What to put on metal to prevent rust?

As a metal roof is exposed to the British weather, it will inevitably face a range of extreme conditions, from heavy rainfall to ice to UV sun rays. When a metal sheet is cut to size, the protective factory installed coating is damaged and results in a weak point.

Over time, exposure to the elements will allow the protective zinc oxide element of the roof sheet to diminish, this will eventually allow the sheet to corrode. Once this starts to happen, the factory coating will eventually begin to peel away continuing up the sheets, exposing the metal and allowing corrosion to occur.

Where the metal sheet overlaps, corrosion is often accelerated due to trapped rainwater, which corrodes the sheet underneath. If the sheet has been damaged and the protective factory coating has been dented, rust patches may appear in these areas. At the very least, rust patches are unsightly, but if not repaired, this could lead to major problems.

In the first instance, any rust patches and cut edge corrosion must be treated. The key to a good final finish is preparation. All debris, dirt, dust and rust need to be removed. The surface must be cleaned back to the Swedish Standard ST3. Wipe away dirt, mould, oil and grease with the Giromax® Panel Wipe.

Then apply the Giromax® Edgecoat system to treat the cut edge corrosion. This consists of the anti-corrosive treatments, Giromax® Basecoat and Giromax® Sealant. You would then reinstate the weathering coat using Giromax® Edgecoat. – see our Giromax® Edgecoat Application Guide for more detailed advice. This treatment alone can extend the life of the roof sheet 15 years or more.

Metal coating to prevent rust

For profiled steel sheet roofs, you could also use the Giromax® Roofcoat system, an industrial protective roof coating. This is a one-coat system that also includes treatment to the cut-edge corrosion. This coating has a tough elastic coating and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and UV.

Repainting a metal roofing system can extend its life by 25 years or more, protecting it from seasonal weather extremes. When you consider the cost of a roof replacement, it’s much cheaper to repair and repaint a damaged roof, wherever possible.

It’s important to aim for a professional finish when you repaint a roofing system. Poor application is the number one reason our team are called on to support our clients with remedial work. We have a comprehensive application guide for every product in our collection. View our product range and simply download the Safety Data Sheet & Specification.

Our expert technical team can advise you on the suitable application of our coatings. As well as being the original market leader, we still lead the way when it comes to technical product development.

If you need further advice about treating rust damage and cut-edge corrosion, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969 today.

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