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Tate and lyle case study

Tate & Lyle Refinery – Roof & Gutter Refurbishment with Girosil®

The Giromax product range was specified to help refurbish the roof and gutter system of the Tate & Lyle Refinery building in London. Coating over 10,000 m2 of roofing with Girosil® RC Ultra and over 250m of guttering with Girosil® RC-G, the solutions successfully extended the life of the building for up to 20 years.

Girosil® RC Ultra and Girosil® RC-G were recently renamed. You can enjoy the same great results with Giromax® Roofcoat (Metal) and Giromax® Guttercoat.

  • Project

    Roof and gutter refurbishment

  • Problem

    Roof and gutter corrosion

  • Contractor

    Tritec Building Contractors

  • Specification

    Tritec Building Contractors

  • Size

    10,000 m2 roof
    252m gutters


Due to the purpose and location of the building, the existing metal roof had become thick with sticky sugar residue and a traffic film had built up from the nearby airport. Consequently, the roof had turned black in colour. The original, factory-fitted coating had reached the end of its life and delamination had occurred with loose coatings present throughout.

The original gutters had also soiled and there were varying levels of corrosion on parts of the system. Leaks had caused water stains on the cladding below with other parts of the gutters being completely corroded, past the point of repair, so instead, needed to be replaced.


The roof needed to be thoroughly cleaned before any work could begin. High pressure was applied to the surface to remove the thick build up of dirt and then a jet wash was used to remove any loose coatings until the roof was stripped back to a firm edge. Similarly, dirt and debirs were cleaned from the gutters and any loose corrosion was removed.

The roof’s lap joints and the gutter joints were sealed using Girosil® SE. All areas that had cut edge corrosion were primed, including encapsulating all the fixings. Then, Girosil® RC was applied to the roof using an airless spray method, and Girosil® RC-G to the gutters.

Upon inspection, the roof was issued a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the gutters 15.


Girosil® RC (now named Giromax® Roofcoat (Metal)) is a cut edge corrosion treatment that provides an effective solution in just one coat. Using an innovative laminar flake technology, the coating solution seals and bonds with corrosion on commercial metal roofs to form a strong, elastic layer of protection against weathering, UV damage, dirt and bird attack. The moisture tolerant formula can also be applied in damp conditions and if done correctly, can extend the life of the roof for up to 20 years.

Girosil® RC-G (now named Giromax® Guttercoat) provides an effective repair treatment for commercial gutters which helps avoid the heft cost of replacement jobs. The solution encapsulates the gutter’s joints and substrate to provide protection against corrosive damage caused by age, weather extremes and long periods of standing water. The watertight barrier can extend the life of the gutter system by 15 years.

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