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Simply The Best How We Built Our Great Reputation

Simply the best! How we built our great reputation

There’s a reason why we still lead the UK roof coatings market when it comes to innovative products, after decades of being in business. Why? Because we continually test, develop and innovate. We built our great reputation from listening to surveyors and contractors. Last year saw another record-breaking year for us and this is all down to our loyal customers.

Myles Emmett Web
2 May 2023
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The facts speak for themselves…

It’s already common knowledge, is it? Or is it a closely guarded secret that our competitors don’t want you to know? that our coatings are of a higher quality with better user application than other roof coatings on the market. They’re also more eco-friendly, as they contain 30% less solvents on average, which mean they contribute to reducing scope 3 carbon emissions. A tiny percentage of jobs we supply are subject to remedial action, and these are down to poor application of the coating. That’s why we are undertaking a comprehensive review with our contractors and providing free training and education to ensure right first time application.

Getting the job right first-time round is important to us,  below are some stats which show how much coating we have actually provided (free of charge) to correct jobs that required remedial work:


  • 2,415 litres of the Giromax Guttercoat system were provided free of charge, out of 84,413 litres = That’s just 2.86% of total product sold that have been used on remedials.
  • 2,355 litres of Giromax Roofcoat system were provided free of charge, out of 240,016 litres = That’s even less at just 0.98% of total product sold that have been used on remedials.
  • 678 litres of Giromax Edgecoat system were provided free of charge, out of 28,437 litres = again just  2.38% of total product sold have been used on remedials.


High standards

We’re not your average roof coating company. Our current team are highly trained and do not give out guarantees unless the job has been completed to the required standard. One of the benefits of our products is the fact you only need to apply a single coat. To meet our high standards, and receive our guarantee your contractors must achieve the following:

  • Correct preparation of the substrate.
  • Skilled application of the coating.
  • Applied within the correct climate range.

Our list of trusted contractors means we can offer the reassurance needed when it comes to a project being completed on time and on budget. Our Technical Services Managers will regularly complete onsite visits to ensure every stage of the project has been carried out correctly, offering advice and guidance along the way if needed. If the climate isn’t right or the substrate hasn’t been prepared correctly, they will highlight this and let the contractor know that the coating cannot be applied, so as to avoid any risk of remedial action being needed.


Superior products

Many of our products have been developed with cutting-edge technology and as a result of our extensive R&D over the years, are more eco-friendly than any competing product.

  • Our products use Laminar flake technology – creating extra hardness and strength where it’s needed, including long-term chemical resistance. Due to their neutral mass, laminar flake coatings are ideal for large areas, and they won’t cause structural issues.
  • They are Moisture tolerant – most of our products can be applied in damp conditions, increasing the number of days contractors can work on
  • More eco-friendly than any other product on the market – on average, our coatings contain 30% less solvent than competitor brands. Our coatings also have low isocyanates and low heavy metal content, these are often found in 2-pack PU coating products, and can be detrimental to workers’ health.
  • They are Silicone free – unlike competitors, we don’t use silicone in our products, which – when applied, means that the coating is prone to dust, dirt, mould and bird attack. Our coatings contain 87% paint compared to the solid content of a silicone-based paint which averages 60%.


In-house technical team

Giromax has a dedicated team of technical experts working continuously on testing and developing our product range. Our aim is to improve user application, adhesion, durability, surface abrasion, weather resistance and flexibility.

Our technical team use a QUV accelerated weather testing cabinet, and they also physically test coated panels outdoors in a real-world environments. A QUV machine is an approved testing facility compliant to ISO, ASTM, BSI and numerous other governing standards.

Giromax coatings are tested for a minimum of 3,000 hours (2 years) when compared to the standard 1,000 hours of BBA (British Board of Agreement) testing. We also use ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant testing procedures to check for a number of qualities in our coatings. This includes user application, adhesion, durability, surface abrasion, weather resistance and flexibility.


Onsite Technical Services Managers

Our Technical Services Managers carry out regular site visits to check on the preparation and application of our coatings. Having worked on large-scale projects across the UK, their roof coating expertise is second to none.

We also offer onsite spray training for our customers, carried out by a fully qualified sprayer. Highly experienced in the application of our products, our Application Consultant has 40 years of expertise and decades of knowledge using our Giromax® coatings. They are available to provide training on the correct way of applying the Giromax® product range.

Giromax is the original coatings provider and still leads the market when it comes to roof coatings. If you would like to know more about our methodology, testing and development of our products, speak to our Technical Services Managers. If you need technical guidance, please call 01455 558969.

Myles Emmett Web

What is it you do at Giromax

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