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technical talk making roofing work safer

Technical Talk: Making roofing work safer

This month, we talk to Caroline Evans, Office Manager and one of Giromax’s technical experts, especially when it comes to health and safety. Caroline shares her product and industry expertise, which includes making roofing work safer for everyone.

Myles Emmett Web
10 Oct 2022
3 minutes

Caroline has worked for Giromax since 2005 and has gained a deep level of insight into the Giromax product range and the roofing industry as a whole. Liaising with surveyors and contractors, Caroline provides technical advice on application, and assists with a broad range of queries on a daily basis. Caroline also liaises with the regional Technical Services Managers when it comes to monitoring project progress and the issuing of guarantees. Let’s get the lowdown…

The Giromax guarantee

It’s important to ensure the application of Giromax products are carried out to the correct specification when repainting cladding, roofing or gutters. When it comes to the lifespan of a product system, different coatings have different guarantee periods. There are also various factors involved when assessing the quality of the product application.

Usually, the surveyor or contractor will engage our Technical Services Managers to visit the site. The roof will be inspected to ensure the correct product is used and the quality of the application. If the application is poor and does not meet our technical specifications, then our team will not be able to sign off your guarantee with your Purchasing Contractor. However they will continue to work together to ensure the required standards are achieved.

Every product in our range has a detailed application guide – download Safety Data Sheets & Specifications. It’s always worth checking the suitability of a product with our team in the first instance to ensure it’s the right approach for the job. If our product hasn’t been designed for the purpose intended, we won’t recommend using it. As an ethical business, we will say no if our products aren’t suitable for your project.

Recommendations and remedial work


We can recommend trusted contractors, supply technical assistance in choosing the right coating, application assistance, and bespoke solutions. Our Technical Services Managers work closely with contractors, visiting on-site to inspect the area and substrate to ensure a suitable product recommendation. There are also cases where the substrate is damaged beyond repair and a coating will not rectify the issue.

During lockdown, we advised on a large-scale metal roofing project, which required a very specific and complicated approach. Our team tried various products from our collection until we found the right solution. One product even went through extra testing and development, ensuring work could continue at this challenging time.

Our technical team continually look at ways to improve aspects of our products, which includes user application. If you need to discuss a roofing project, then please get in touch.


Remedial work is another reason our team are called on to support our clients. This is when we review a completed site because issues have become apparent since completion. We will revisit and provide advice if an application is not performing as we would have expected during the lifetime of the guarantee.

Although we supply a materials-only guarantee, we will help the contractor identify and rectify the issues occurring for the benefit of the end client. We do not just walk away but endeavour to achieve a satisfactory solution.

Roofing Health & Safety

As Caroline is IOSH qualified, she oversees health and safety measures for the business. This includes the day-to-day monitoring of the office and stores, as well as liaising with the Technical Service Managers while they are out and about. They will check and record whether health and safety measures are being adhered to on-site by the contractors.

The Technical Service Managers also need to keep themselves safe in terms of lone working initiatives. Caroline also ensures all work-at-height training requirements are kept up to date, and that PPE is checked and fit for purpose.

Giromax takes health and safety very seriously. We have developed various safety procedures and implemented robust measures for our team. The business is Safe Contractor Approved, which involves an annual audit by external assessors, and means we are a safe and responsible company. Our health and safety procedures and measures are regularly reviewed to stay compliant with legislation.

Made in the UK

The Giromax range of products are made and developed in the UK and are subject to rigorous ongoing testing and development. We also have a reliable and robust supply chain. If you have a large project, please contact our team as soon as possible, so we can include you in our planning.

As the original leader in our market, we still lead the way when it comes to product development and innovation. Whether you need technical advice or application guidance, please speak to the Giromax team or call 01455 558969 today.

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