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Complete Commercial Roof Refurbishment in Coalville with Girosil®

Giromax’s product range was used to refurbish a 5,500 m2 commercial roof in Coalville. Girosil® RC and Girosil® RC-G provided an effective solution to treat cut edge corrosion and seal the corroded gutters in order to extend the life of the commercial roof for up to 20 years more.

Girosil® RC and Girosil® RC-G were recently renamed. You can enjoy the same great results with Giromax® Roofcoat (Metal) and Giromax® Guttercoat.

  • Project

    Roof and gutter refurbishment

  • Problem

    Roof, gutter and cladding corrosion

  • Contractor

    Tritec Building Contractors

  • Specification

    Tritec Building Contractors

  • Size

    5500 m2 roof
    360m gutters


The existing metal roof of the commercial building was weathered and showed signs of substantial cut edge corrosion. The original factory applied coatings had begun to micro check and there was also build up of dirt films and bird activity, which is to be expected. Combined, it meant that the profiled steel roof was coming to the end of its serviceable life.

There were also issues with the existing gutters. The original liners of the metal box gutters were soiled, with varying levels of corrosion at different points. The corroded gutters were beginning to leak at the joints, causing water stains to develop on the cladding below.


The entire commercial metal roof had to be thoroughly cleaned at a high pressure in order to remove the dirt films that had built up over the many years. Any loose coatings and debris were removed with a jet wash, ensuring there was a firm edge and workable surface for the coating to be applied.

Lap joints were sealed using Girosil® SE (now called Giromax® Sealant) and the areas that required cut edge corrosion treatment were primed, before the Girosil® RC system was applied to the whole roof via the airless spray method.

Similarly, the gutters also had to be cleaned and prepped by removing dirt, debris and silt, as well as any loose surface corrosion. The gutters were then primed and joints sealed with Girosil® SE to leave a watertight finish. Finally, the complete length of the metal box gutters were fully encapsulated with Girosil® RC-G.

After inspecting the work, we were happy to issue a 20-year guarantee for the commercial roof coating and 15 years for the gutter refurbishment.


Girosil® RC (now named Giromax® Roofcoat (Metal)) is an effective solution for treating cut edge corrosion caused by weathering. With just one coat, the solution can refurbish a commercial metal roof, providing an advanced layer of protection against weather, UV, dirt and bird attack for up to 20 years. The coating system uses innovative laminar fake technology to seal and bond with corrosion, forming a strong elastic layer. The solution is also moisture tolerant, meaning it can even be applied in damp conditions.

Girosil® RC-G (now named Giromax® Guttercoat) restores and protects commercial guttering that is experiencing corrosive damage due to age, weather extremes and extended periods of standing water. By completely encapsulating the gutter’s joints and substrate, a protective, watertight barrier is formed and effective for up to 15 years.

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