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Giromax Delivers Treatment On Time

As part of an ongoing long term maintenance commitment, Girosil® has once again been specified and used to secure the long term performance of the roof sheet end laps.

Richard Sclater Web
16 Apr 2019
2 minutes

GIiromax recently completed a long term treatment to sheet end cut edge corrosion at the large Amazon Distribution facility in Doncaster. Fully moisture tolerant, Girosil® RC-E (now Giromax® Edgecoat) was easily able to meet the challenges presented by this difficult to treat metal roof detail.

Amazon Roof


Amazon Roof


Amazon Roof

Giromax® Edgecoat Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment delivers advanced corrosion control, can be applied in the wet and is resistant to bird attack.

PROJECT: Profiled Sheet Cut Edge Corrosion

SPECIFIER: Watts Group PLC (Leeds)

CONTRACTOR: Doncaster Maintenance Ltd 0845 257 8101

SPECIFICATION: Girosil® Edge RC-E (Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment) – (now Giromax® Edgecoat)

SIZE: 4500 Linear Meters

Giromax® Edgecoat

Giromax® uses the latest hybrid technology that takes full advantage of properties developed to overcome the application restrictions and wear limitations of silicone alone. Giromax® can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature, achieving robust lap edge encapsulation by hardening to a tough elastic coat with high impact absorption and damage resistance.

Fully moisture tolerant, the Giromax® system can be applied to all surfaces, wet or dry, speeding up application times and helping meet project demands.


Giromax® delivers market leading Performance, Choice & Reliability. For further information click here to view our revolutionary new product range, all fully guaranteed for up to 20 years.

We’re always here to help, whether you want more information, a quote or advice, simply call our expert team or enquire today.

Richard Sclater Web

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